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  1. You say cry, i say discussion. DBO always needed Class balance, good class balance. That was the main problem after lvl 70 Update. Not lack of f*cking Transformations that are completely not meant to be. A Human with that backstory of DBO Storyline will never ever get past SSJ. And there won't be other Transformations for Namekians and Majins too. Ofc one could argue that they maybe had plans, we will never know and guessing if it was meant to be or not brings us nowhere. Fact is: It didn't happen. The Story made sure it won't happen. And adding it cuz of Fanboy reasons is dumb. Calling it "content" is dumb also. Transformations, and lack of them, were never ever a problem of DBO and they still are not the problem. If ppl truly want it, have the ppl in charge make Mods. Go all out on them. Problem solved. You get what you want and other players, that simply want the old DBO but in a good shape, get what they want too. You can't come up with any valid reason on why to add more Transformations other than "cuz Fans want it". Simply Mod it if they really wanna run around as SSJBlue to take down god damn rat mobs. Get that Goku feel.... Y'all need to calm down with this dumb Xenoverse/DBS crap. Xenoverse was made exactly for what you guys wanted. Pure Fanboy content. DBS happened waaaaay too late. Only thing that are cool to add are maybe DBS Dogis. Power up/Transformation crap you see there don't belong to DBO. I will always fight everything and everyone when it comes to dumb crap like this. So enjoy my "crying" in the Future.
  2. In my opinion we should just ignore everyhing about Xenoverse or DBS when it comes to content for DBO. Adding their things into DBO just changes DBO. Those two things happened after DBO died. Xenoverse is just using DBO as a source and then they keep adding fanboy stuff onto it. DBS hapenned waaaay later and has absolutely no meaning to me when it comes to DBO. I wouldn't mind things like Dogis tho. I wrote it above, there is no reason to add more Transformations for DBO: It's just the usual Fanboy wish. As for Super Buu, yes he was superior to Kid Buu when it comes to intelligence. Also wrote that this can be seen as proof that makes ppl think he is the strongest. To me he is not. He was cool tho. Bodying the Z-Fighters at Kami Lookout doesn't make him the strongest lmao. Even fat Buu could've done that since he already outpowered all of them. Super Buu is strong himself. Everyone knows that. He gets even stronger by absorbing. But to me, Kid Buu is still stronger. Also no need to discuss it here tbh. Has nothing to do with the Thread. This could go on forever cuz everyone has their own point of view and i really don't wanna discuss this out lol. Just keep DBO the way it is. Make better class balance and Events here and there and we good. For crazy stuff, use Mods. Problem solved.
  3. And why would we change the original Game Story just so fanboys can "officially" have SSJ2 or even more? Keep the Story, make SSJ2 or whatever Mods. Both sides will be happy. People who don't like that crap will get to enjoy the original game. Fanboys get to enjoy whatever they wanna do using Mods. No need to screw the Story. No need to put all that massive work of coming up with power ups to justify SSJ2 or more. Simply Mod it your way. Also correct me if i am wrong but didn't Vegeta say that Buu (Super Buu) got even stronger after transforming to his original Form (Kid Buu) after Goku and Vegeta cut out their ppl and fat buu? Also Super Buu is only strong depending on the Peson he absorbs. No strong ppl around? Goodnight Super Buu lol. Kid Buu is the original Buu. The most dangerous one. It's literally a berserk form cuz Kid Buu does not really think (which can be seen as weakness ofc). Kid Buu sees and kills/destroys. Dude can even Teleport into Afterlife lmao. But screw that. That discussion can go on forever.
  4. Good point to argue. But i don't think they would've given us SSJ2 as a new transformation. I could imagine that we would've gotten a Power Up in form of unleash potential to make Transformations a little stronger. But more than SSJ? Nah. What would Namekians get? Or Majins? Let me guess, Nameks get Fusion with Nail/Dende which is impossible lmao. And Majins get Super Buu form? A form lower than Pure Majin? Naaaah. Making Majins "evil" so they get evil Form of Pure Majin also is kinda meh. Those Majins in DBO are happy af beings. There was even a Majin that sacrificed himself to save others. You really wanna make them turn evil like original Buu after Hercule got shot? They still wouldn't be that powerful cuz Majins are way weaker than original Buu. Pretty much same thing for Humans except that they are not original Saiyans, they are Humans. Sure, their ancestors were Goku and Vegeta but it's still more Human than Saiyan. And in TMQ we are supposed to assist. I know we fight Boss mobs etc. but we are just assistants. Would we Fight Cell in a TMQ if DBO hadn't died? Yes, but we would fight together with SSj2 Gohan...assisting him... @YamiGoku Yes, i believe there wouldn't have been more Transformations. Only some power ups in form of new lvl cap and maybe, just maybe, a power up in Form of Potential unleash for all 3 Races. No ssj2. No other Transformation for Namekians and Majins cuz there simply is none. Namekians can only Grow in size or Fuse. We got the Grow in size. Dunno how Fuse would work. Could be "Potential unleash" kind of thing to gain that power. As for Majins, they already got the best option, Pure Majin. Giving them Super Buu would be weird cuz Pure Majin is the strongest form, also the original form of original Buu. Sure, they would've tried to milk out money with DBS crap, but i'd say that would've been in Form of Dogis. You seriously think they would add all those Forms, including God Forms, just so we can fight RP animals? DBS is cool for DBZ Fanboys, especially those hardcore ones who love new Transformations that make no sense, but adding those into damn DBO!, is just ridiculous!!! Wrote it before, if ppl want crap like that, go all out on mods. Easy!!! Won't hurt the game and everyone who wants it, can get it and be happy. get the Goku/Vegeta feel with SSJGod and kill some mobs for YouTube all you want. Just mod it your way. F*ck, even Mod Dogis from other Anime if y'all want to. Nobody cares as long as it's a Mod and not on the Server in general.
  5. Gotta keep up DBO Story people! Humans are Humans in DBO. They have a real low amount of Saiyan DNA/DNS inside them which makes them more Human than Saiyan. The reason they have to wish for SSJ iscuz they can't unlock it on their own. Shenron unlocks it for them. SSJ is their hidden Potential that lies within them. And that's about it. SSJ is their limit. They can't go past SSJ cuz they simply are too Human-ish. Not possible. Also the SSJ form that Humans have is not as strong as the SSJ Power Goku,Vegeta,Gohan,Goten and Trunks had. Their SSJ is a weak Version cuz they simply lack Power cuz they are Humans. Like come on, you go SSJ in a World where RP Animals and mostly lame Aliens cause trouble (not talking about Mira and Towa, mostly those laser gun soldiers) Gohan was so strong cuz he is a half blood. 50% Saiyan and 50% Human somehow makes him stronger than a 100% Saiyan at some point. Ofc his Daughter Pan has even less amount of Saiyan DNA/DNS. And then her kids and their kids and their kids etc. have even less Saiyan in them cuz they keep forming Families with Humans only! At some point (current DBO World) that saiyan blood is pretty much gone. As i said, just that little bit allows them to unlock SSJ. Not a chance to go beyond that. And no, Shenron can not do more cuz Shenron got his limits too. Dende ain't a real God with God powers lmao. Just a namekian Priest lmao. As for DBS content, i know it's cannon. But it has no meaning in DBO World. Cuz the Story in DBO says that Goku and Vegeta went to another Planet to have their fight and died there together with the Planet blowing up. So in DBO, DBS never happened. You can see it as an alternate Universe (like time line of Trunks) Also we all know DBS makes absolutely no sense when it comes to certain ppl and their power. When Goku was a baby, he never flew into space. Same goes for Gohan,Goten,Trunks and his sister. Trunks got that God Ki Transformation thing cuz of Fanboy reasons. Nothing else. Makes no sense for him as a SSJ2 to survive a punch from someone on God lvl. The hardest fight that Trunks had wa Cyborg Saga. After that he trained on his own which is not enoughto face ppl with God lvl powers lmao. He should've died the first time he met Black. As for the other two Races...well Namekians are weak to begin with. Piccolo is the only exception cuz he was in Goku Squad. Regular Namekians are weak Farmers. And for Majins it's pretty much the same thing as Humans. Story says that two Majins have to "build" a Majin and use a Love Beam or whatever. But by doing so, they weaken theirselves since they use parts (energy) of their own body. The Kid Buu Transformation we have in DBO is also waaay weaker than the original Buu. Just like Humans and SSJ they get weaker the more they make babies. The DBO Story makes absolutely 100% sense. They didn't come up with all of that without a reason. Keep the Story. If ppl want SSJ2 or more, use mods. Go all out on Mods so ppl who wanna use them can do so. No need to force that stuff into the Game itself. You can go all out on Dogis tho. Won't hurt anyone.
  6. There is literally not a single reason to add more Transformations into DBO. The Story pretty much puts a limit on that matter. Only reason is cuz of fanboy reasons. In my opinion ppl should forget this crap. Just use Mods. No need to force needless crap on the Game. Go all out on Mods....
  7. Tbh, the only Memories i have of DBO, where i am 100% sure it was f*cking awesome, is KR Server times. lvl 55 cap...You were in Parties all damn day for every UD/TMQ there was. Always a lot of ppl in front of them and all the parties were different. You literally played together with every class. Ofc TW server times were dope too. Shhoutout to TW s1 ppl DBO is the only game that i have played for so long. Literally started on January 4th 2010 on KR. Will never forget that. Saw Videos on youtube about it on how ppl started creating character and doing Tutorial. And then i was at that spot. Gave me chills. Hope this Project here won't disappoint me. I know a lot of ppl here are into that damn fanboy (xenoverse2) content but let's be honest, they don't fit into DBO style at all. Just go all out on problem with that one. DBO just needs class balance. Good class balance. Wanna see parties like back in lvl 55 cap on KR server. Later on you can add little content in form od dogis etc. And throw in some Events here and there, especially Holiday Events and the game is good to go.
  8. Forget the food buffs Iceman. xD Will just make sure there will be less Ultimate Majins around since ppl will depend on your Food Buff thing. You gonna steal the jobs of Ultimate Majins dude! Make sure Multiclient is not allowed and force ppl into Teamplay. And to do so, since Luke mentioned speed meta, cap atk speed so low it ain't worth it anymore. Turn Speed Buff of Poko and Karma into self buff so together with Fighters they are the only ones to gain more speed. Ofc a speed cap will prevent them to be too OP. By doing so, all other classes will be able to join Parties for everything. But that will work only in combination of reworking those hard to take down mobs (ULtra/Hero) inside TMQ/Dungeons. Make classes use skills more! The game worked perfectly fine without this damn speed crap.
  9. Well, this is the reason why ppl wanna use Multiclient xD Playing a Class that is not designed for doing exactly what you described. For that purpose, other classes exist. A Fighter/SM is not designed to fight 12-15+ mobs at once. Sure, Fighter have dodge rate that helps them but ultimately, it's not really the field where they shine. Instead, they should just 1on1 on areas that are not as crowded the park or hotel. At those crowded spots, you'll usually see PvE Characters farm. When i was Farming with my SM; i just did 1on1 killing. Now one could say it's annoying and takes time, but not really. Fighters and SM do dope dmg so they can take down mobs very fast. So even as a SM, i had no trouble farming in KR/TW at all. Never used multiclient cuz it's not needed. Every class can Farm. It's just some are not good at doing it like a DW/SK or whatever you know? Simply classes that are capable of facing like 15 mobs... And hat's why ppl wanna keep Multiclient. A dumb reason to me tbh. No disrespect. Just create a PvE Character first! Make money and then create a PvP Character. Or if you start with PvP, learn how to farm 1on1. No need to tank mobs like a SK/DW. 1on1 kill them fast. Easy. Also about DBOG, i know they did some stuff right too. Didn't mean it like they are a complete failure. It's just like what you said above. They did some dope decisions that made the game better. And also dumb decisions xD. We'll see stuff like that on here too, but maybe not as hard as in DBOG. I'd actually like to have some of DBOG things on here, like getting dogi balls from CCBD etc... But Multiclient, ultimately, is a bad thing for a MMORPG. Especially for a game like DBO which is an easy game in general since it's a grinding game. With multiclient ppl rush multiple Characterto max. real fast and end up being bored. Gotta slow that process down a bit. And removing Multiclient will help in doing so.
  10. I'm sorry man but i have to disagree on this one. If you wanna farm efficiently without Multiclient, simply create a Character for PvE to do some farming. And THIS is the problem ppl have. They don't want to do that. They wanna own one Main Character, mostly a Fighter, use Multiclient to have a Buffer following their fighter in order to play "efficiently". Create a PvE Character first. Max lvl it and farm to get some zeni. Then create another Character, most likely for PvP, and use the money from PvE Character to Equip PvP Character. Easiest sh*t to do. Been doing exactly that since i started DBO: Never had any issues. The drop rate of old DBO was 100% fine. Ofc it's all about luck but once you dropped something nice, you were able to do earn a good amount of Zeni. Unlike DBOG, where Daneos made sure dropping max. effect stat Drops is impossible (forcing ppl to Box their way through the game), in old DBO you were able to drop that stuff. Meant instant wealth back then. People who complain about drop rate in a grinding game shouldn't play a grinding game then. Cuz that's how grinding games work... Well the findig Party thing is kinda true when you put it like that. Ofc it makes sense too. But Multiclient is still to blame on that one. People liked using Multiclient for TMQ and UDs rather than forming a party with other players. Was more "efficient" to them. Could keep all drops to yourself and with your max. lvl Character you were able to lvl up your alt chaarcter easy af by simply spamming the TMQ/UD by yourself. I mean why make a Party when i can play with me,myself and i to keep all the drops i get + it's faster to lvl up my alt character... Multiclient has got to go. At least at the start of this Project. Maybe some time later, when we can clearly see the lack of players, maybe then they could allow it. But only 1x. So your main and one alt character. Nothing more! Also we should use DBOG as an example for a lot of suggestions to come on this Forum. That Project is the best example on what not to do xD
  11. I agree with Zotly 100%. Multiclient shouldn't be allowed. It's negative for the Game since ppl stick to Solo play for a lot of things. It's a damn MMORPG. Play with other Players instead of playing Solo for Dungeons and crap. It's not that hard. It's just that some ppl wanna have only one main character and use multiclient to push it to the limits to have an easier time playing this easy game lmao. It's playable with only one Character. Been doing it on KR, TW and DBOG. Never had a problem. Was only hard to find ppl for parties cuz most of the players used multiclient to spam Dungeons and other crap solo to keep whatever drop they are looking for. Or to lvl another Character of theirs real fast. You play MMORPGs with other Players, doing Dungeons with other Players. Not Solo with you and yourself lmao. Remove Multiclient option. If ppl still try to use it with other ways and get caught, instant ban them. No discussion. Do Teamplay! Also, if ppl wanna kep the game alive for a longer time, keep the game the way it was. A grinding game! Just a tip....
  12. I think, this Project here will be taking the lead over time 100%. Just gotta get there. And it's cool that we got this Project now. Only thing i personally dislike very hard, is the fanboy content crap. I want the old DBO. With better class balance. Little content can be added later on. First we need the original game to work properly. Then do class balance. And at last, new possible content which should be done within DBO World/Story. I see ppl wanting new Transformations which is just pure bullsh*t to me. Totally not DBO Story. Or other crap that is totally not DBO....just pure fanboy crap for which Xenoverse 2 was created. And i hate that so much xD Try to bring back the old DBO we know, just a better version of it. Not some DBO+Xenoverse 2 mess. F*ck that. Not cool.