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  1. WindowsPK50S

    Hi Unlimited, I was wondering if this bug has been fixed with the latest patchs. Thanks :)
  2. WindowsPK50S

    I've just tested it with another class (Majin) and it works. Gloves are in my inventory. It seems it is a bug with dragon clan class
  3. WindowsPK50S

    Hi guys, the quest "The thief inside the company" is probably one of the most important for Kid budokai players like me. It gives you the best weapon (glove/staff) level 29, perfect for the tournament (if you don't know the quest google/youtube it). Today I delivered the quest and I didn't get the reward. Could you please check the log and maybe send me the staff to my kid pg (KidWinPK50S)? I really need it for budokai and I saw that there are other players that have it. SorotSma is already aware of the problem since I pinged him in chat. Contact me for any other information Thanks
  4. WindowsPK50S

    Just tested on our server and it is not possible. Can I ask why?
  5. WindowsPK50S

    Hi guys I've never had a Karma but it's a race I'd like to try. I'm looking for a karma full speed for Kraken and similar dangeron. Could you please post here a few builds and the object required? Thanks!
  6. WindowsPK50S

    Hi guys, I'm coming from the TW server and over there both spinning skills for the Ultimate were not available during kaio-ken. Is it possible to use those skills together with kaio-ken on this server? Thanks