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  1. Iceman

    Luncher Bug

    Looks like launcher failed to load that part. I suggest you to join DBOUR Discord, it is way faster to receive the help.
  2. Class balance indeed, role defined for party ( tanker, DPS, CC, buffer, support/healer). After this is done, we can work on cosmetic and shits but before that working server 100% with latest skills, maps and stuffs.
  3. No one will steal any job from ultimate or any other buffer, just you will have chance to explore stuffs on your own without need to beg or use sandbox to have your own buffer, since I assure you people will use that, even I did before. With food buffs that exist in most of MMO's, you will get option to not really on stuffs you want to do solo or with 1 of your friend, for fun or for crafting / food buff materials. One more, I am sure you didn't even read my post, you lazy bastard, there are still PVE, PVP activity that will seek for ultimates. One more, you want to tell me that ultimates won't benefit from this too? Imagine to see Ultimate full buffed, he will be epic. One more, Food Craft ( Cooking) should be based on crafting as armor, this way, looking for recipes and materials will enrich the game with new content. PS: Regarding speed, attack speed needs to be removed from gear entirely and self buffs of Karma, Poko and Fighter needs to be raised to achieve attack speed good enough to be useful for them and to be indeed only speed classes in - game.
  4. All of you need to join discord and please do not tell that you can not. You can use discord even in browser. After you join the discord, you will get help faster and better and you will always see when server is up and down, due bot that updates you regarding this issue. One more, do not forget that this is indeed alpha, server stability and critical bugs that crash server are big issue to handle now soo expect to see server crash more often.
  5. Most of things you covered there Luke. Think is really that 4th option, that is really main reason for multi client. Buff you character and make it divine for korin platform and other dungeons soo to give players 2nd option is to add food buffs. Now in order to save Buffer classes from being discarded, this food buffs needs to be disabled in Ranked, Budokai, CCBD and BID's.
  6. Years ago, I watched with my childhood friends movie, TOP GUN. Now since I had the best friend who was fk-ing crazy as hell, we started to compare him to Tom Cruise aka Maverick. Later on, since as kid I use to have a bit yellow hair, that turned into pure black now, he started to call me Iceman. When we started to play PC games, CS 1.6 mostly, he beg me to use that nick, soo I started to use it, and since that times, even when we got our own CS1.6 server with help of adults, that turned into SAMP community later on, where with few other owners we switched CS1.6 server to SAMP one, I never changed my "gamer nick". I typed there "gamer nick" since no one use that nick in my circle of friends in real life, unless "Maverick" who retired years ago, mention it just to remember the old days.
  7. You do get that, dual client is reason why there is soo much bots in first place? Preventing dual client will reduce bots by 80%-90%, since most of bots users, want to play the game soo unlike before, they can have 1 main account and bot while before they could have 5 or more bots per PC, if not more.
  8. That skill as most of CC long range ones, should have some cast time, even 1 sec cast time would be enough time to counter it or prepare for it.
  9. You guys can not limit race/classes to 1 type of attack, it is like you are saying that SM should only be physical and fighter too. As DBO is based on DBZ anime, more or less, all attacks they used there are physical and energy ones, all characters in anime are build like that. Still, they can be balanced in way to fill their roles if you know what roles class should play. Dark Warrior ( Type of tanker that loves more targets around the boss or in PVP party) This is how it is builded, to keep attacking boss and super mobs around, taunt them all and leech life from them and stay alive. In order to do soo, he needs: 1. Focus passive in order to hit instead of EP one 2. Dragon punishment should have 30 CD , fixed heal 5k-6k per target and stun for 3-5 sec and be physical based and should cost 600 EP 3. Powerful roar taunt should have 20 m range and gives 2 RP balls 4. Dragon's Pledge when HP is below 10%, instant heal 10k HP 5. Demon Wave should be energy based and if someone is up for burn dmg back then it needs to be fixed, if it be bleed DOT dmg then can remain in percent and still have cast time or longer animation as bold strike, just soo in PVP he can be interrupted What would this change to DW? It would be way better in PVP and PVE. PVE Aspect He would hit better, since his Dragon Punishment healing skill will match healing of SK in every way from CD, healing and EP cost, he would have better chance to tank bosses and super mobs and it would be able to recover LP from them, keep super mobs stunned and focus more on Boss. Since Dragon punishment is based on success rate, even if some mobs resist it, he will still recover LP and stun them. With powerful roar 20 m range is enough for DW since DW aggro mobs with energy siege and keep them around him with taunt if needed and 2 RP balls extra will help to keep CD of dragon punishment even lower and stay more alive as possible. Dragon's Pledge is there just in case dende dies and boss is already half dead, self cast this buff when you are at low LP to get more LP and with dragon punishment even more. PVP Aspect He would have missing CC that he needed for nice PVP aka AOE stun for group PVP and it would help a lot in single PVP. With help of RP balls he would get from taunt, he would be able to even use single target KD or increase duration of confusion or stuns or dmg instead. Dragon's Pledge would be really good help to him, and unlike SK who needs to spend tons on gear and pray to block critic hits thx to anti critic, DW thx to his skills, buffs, does not need to care about critics and focus on enemy to keep him under his control as long he can.
  10. Duel client should never be allowed and in DBOG I even suggested "Food Buffs" since this feature exist in many MMO's, that will be crafted with need of recipes and materials to be buffed to do some "hard" play, but still you won't be able to solo hard dungeons on your own, from BID's, TMQ7,UD6 and CCBD ofc. This would limit the need of alt accounts and I am sure many would complain that this would "destroy" buffers, but hey, you play that class because you like it, you like to play it and no way that food buffs will be better, stronger than regular buffs from other buffers, just it will be good enough to keep you alive and strong to solo things on your own, mostly faster farming materials you might need ( upgrading, crafting and such).