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  1. Shirouluffy

    I'm still wondering why it keeps showing " downloaded" cause if I need to redownload then I would reinstall tomorrow.
  2. Shirouluffy here sorry, if I failed on trying to beat a monster there. Just trying to show on what's wrong with getting exp.
  3. Shirouluffy

    When I defeat a monsters that is yellow colored name, it gives 0+ exp. So when I tested out on some of the quests, they seem to give exp on my other character. But when my character is lvl 35 (first character as a human race) I feel like I don't gain any exp from monsters that are yellow named.
  4. Shirouluffy

    When I enter the game, I don't see any monsters anywhere or npcs in the game. I reinstalled new version, but it seems everything is bugged. Trying to change characters, It crashes. Also It keeps crashing when I try to enter character, I don't know what's happening. here
  5. Shirouluffy

    Thank you for informing! :))
  6. Shirouluffy

    It says "Unknown Failure reason please contact DBOUR team" which was weird, I typed the right info. Well I guess, i'll be not logging in for a while.