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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Amy0G (Turtle Hermit) What you would like to recover Crafting Level 20 (No proof that I could find) Korin Wand R +17 Angel Wings (Red) Halo (Yellow) Kefla Dogi Fused Zamasu Dogi Gothic Style Suit Dogi (No proof that I could find) Hail Wings (No proof that I could find) Bunny Ears (No proof that I could find) Dragon King's Focus, Dragon King's Constitution and Dragon King's Energy (No picture or video proof that I could find) about 5 million Zeni (No proof that I could find) 32 HL Capsule Boxes x4 This came up on short notice and I never really take video's or screenshot's often but I can provide proof for a handful of items. as for my character's level I don't need it I'd rather start fresh again there and level again with my guild. Proof of ownership for claim(pictures, videos): That's all the proof I have for some of the stuff I've listed as I do not take videos or screenshots often of my gameplay or gains. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////