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  1. UncleDrew

    Now I randomly tried it and it was working, I guess I might have issues on my end or the remote server I'm downloading the updates from I've got the same error again after a minute or two of downloading the updates when it's close to being completed, but after relaucnhing the launcher it seems like it's downloading again but I can't seem to get the updates completed because when I relaunch it, it's starting over I really need help on what you think I should do or maybe upload a client for me which is updated already or a patch
  2. UncleDrew

    Yes, sadly that was the first thing I've tried also tried changing the compatibility but I'm still getting that error message
  3. UncleDrew

    @ Dumke I'm having trouble updating the client, I've just downloaded the game and extracted it, and followed all of your steps I've had everything already installed so I'm not really sure what to do next maybe the uploaded client is outdated and it can't update or something I don't really know i'm no expert, I would personally appreciate it if you can at least link me the patch