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  1. Beka

    I expected it.
  2. Beka

    There is nothing new as of right now, but the new patch should come soon. There's no exact date when it's coming. Patience. Also, this is DBONU forums, you can still test dborev_universe. Dbog's not needed here, though. Happy testing! -DBONU Staff, Beka
  3. Having multi clients will make the game dead, Without it, we're a team to do dungeons and etc. It's better off with one client. Ofc, they will come to dborev_universe.
  4. Beka

    It'll get fixed soon. that's pretty big range that dash has. lol
  5. Well, Dual Client should not be allowed in DBONU, because using so many takes advantage of other players who don't use Dual client. I think we shouldn't support the dual.
  6. Beka

    1. Is there a FAQ or such, where we can read about different DBONU goals, planned changes, upcoming retail or brand new implementations, class balancing and overall changes to this version from the retail versions as well as the other projects? Basically, a scope of where this version is headed leading up til release and in the future. You can ask any questions in Discord Server or PM one of the moderators for any kind of questions depending on dborev_universe. 2. Is there an ETA or something like that, to when you guys plan on having this game in the final release? (minus future updates and content ofc). Just a rough estimation really, like within 1-2 years or something? No, but The developers have been working very hard for the last 6 months in DBONU project. However, It will get better once it comes out 100% better game. 3. How will you go about the -- based on the copyright issues DBOG had/have -- copyright issues and such, from Bandai Namco and Co., etc? DBOG has no copyright of it's own game. DBOG is an revived game, and do not own the game itself. I don't think it's had any copyright issues yet as I know of. 4. Will there (or is there) a dedicated balance team, that will (with help from the community for example) balance all classes, overhaul them or so? Yes, There should be a good balance team once we fix the bugs ingame and help the community. KR players will most likely test some classes and make sure it's good and etc. 5. How exactly will you guys battle the P2W aspect of the game, whilst also having funds met to keep the servers up, as well as various other costs? Any details you guys can share on changes to the (up until now) heavy P2W aspect of this game overall? DBONU will be Free to play, If i'm wrong, please correct me. It will be based on Token Shop - Token Shop Thread Frieza Race is coming soon, as you can see in another thread you can read the topic & comments to see how you would like to see ingame. 7. Is it your plan to have the game fully translated into English (and perhaps even other languages as well) upon release, down the line, or not at all? It will be in English, but as well with other languages as the Translators are working on, most likely. 8. Will the good old Scouter Chips make a grand return, and will KR-exclusive stuff such as the PvP & PvE pet skills come back in this version? Not that I know of, Hoping someone else has an answer for this. 9. Is it planned to keep this forum/hub as toxic-free as possible? Myself -- and I know for a fact many others too -- dislike the DBOG forum, due to an extremely high level of toxicity and flaming/bashing players that frequent there! It should be planning to be nice community without any toxicness. 10. Can we safely assume (based on the great team and passion on this project), that it won't end up like a certain other version, where the passion, implementation of stuff and patches rolled out a lot to begin with, and then ended up becoming drier than the sands of Sahara? I do not know about this one, just yet. 11. Will you guys actually listen to the community, take in the great suggestions and stuff that go hand-in-hand with your own scope of this project, as well as actually communicating with the community, keeping them (us) informed, up-to-date etc? Yes, We do listen to the community. We let everyone to keep up with the new updates and etc, ask any questions. 12. Is the plan to (on release or after) to have stuff that didn't work proper, to be fully working and implemented in this game? Stuff like the never-released DWC thing, unused crafting materials, and a lot of other stuff? DBONU will have new content, unlike DBOG can't. New races/items/dogis can be added(If i'm wrong, correct me). 13. Is it the plan to have all of the known (and perhaps lesser known) bugs fixed? Also, quality-of-life stuff such as a feature which makes you able to open up all your mail (with items) at once, a sell-all white items feature, disabling of the flying blur effect and the like, to have a shot at being implemented in this version at some point? It should be.. I hope. 14. What is your plan to do with the upgrade system? A complete overhaul, just an RNG luck boost, or something else? Not that I know of, but @BlakViciouss already has mentioned that. 15. Will you guys accept personal suggestions? I have a rather big list of such suggestions and ideas, that I would love to post here for you I don't mind answering any of those. Suggestions for DBONU will be great! I'd love to hear them! DBONU Staff, Beka
  7. Beka

    Add this, vani. Wearing any Dogis will make the whole server crash. DBONU Staff, Beka
  8. Beka

    Also moved the topic, since It is related to dborev_universe. I apologize for not seeing it so soon, Someone reported it to me that It was in wrong forum section. This goes in General Discussion since It's related to dborev_universe. DBONU Staff, Beka
  9. Beka

    I tried going for more than 8 buffs, then crashed after. The game won't let you re-enter after having that many buffs. DBONU Staff, Beka
  10. Beka

    Here's mine from DBOG, It's gonna be the same in DBONU when the game is done.
  11. Beka

    The current level cap is 60. DBONU Staff, Beka
  12. Beka

    The buffs have been fixed but the limit is around 5-8 buffs, but using more buffs than them, you can crash. I tested on how many buffs can you go for. DBONU Staff, Beka
  13. Beka

    I was going to ask the same thing for a friend to know!