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  1. BlazingBarrager

    To add to this, why just add transformations (besides being a fanboy who wants to be a rip off of Goku) when you can modify the existing transformations to be more enjoyable?
  2. BlazingBarrager

    Super Buu isn't even a possible transformation. I don't know why people keep thinking it is.
  3. BlazingBarrager

    Just a reminder, but you can't even beat Raditz by yourself in your transformed state. :B
  4. BlazingBarrager

    I honestly don't recall there being any source or confirmation stating that your amount of Saiyan blood determines whether or not you can go higher than Super Saiyan. Alas, I still prefer keeping it to one transformation per race and just working on making the available transformations more enjoyable.
  5. BlazingBarrager

    I have no doubt that you can and I have no doubt Humans, Majins, and Namekians can take their transformations beyond what they are. The real question is "should you do it?"
  6. BlazingBarrager

    Even then I believe the transformations we have right now are fine and just need tuning. We're not Goku and Vegeta after all.
  7. BlazingBarrager

    Here be Sapha from good, old TW DBO.
  8. BlazingBarrager

    Yeah. It's all about managing your resources and not taking in too many mobs.
  9. BlazingBarrager

    I didn't have +15 and I still did fine farming without a buffer.
  10. BlazingBarrager

    Was I one of the few who was fine with farming without a buffer while playing as a Swordsman? No seriously I don't see the big outcry with losing multi-client when most (if not all) classes can get by with farming by themselves.
  11. BlazingBarrager

    My character's Courier uniform for the Omni-King. :3