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  1. not at all,was make build harder and more personalized tbh
  2. 1)discord channel,but basically make a fair dbo without p2w aspect and no rng 2)no,but keep in minds devs do all this work from scratch in 6 mounth...they are skilled 3)cant get copyright issue because a law say that is legal make servers for dead mmorpgs 4)basically old kr players(like me)+some dev in team was make balance for other mmorpg+community 5)in cash shop ONLY COSMETIC...+we was think to totaally rework upgrade system(chek thread) 6)yes,but will need time,team share all progress in discord and forums,nothing is hidden 7)not only neglish but a lot of lenguages 8)YES 9)We got very good mods 10)this team work for passion not for money 11)already do...devs even explain some tecnic things on discord...they are human not godlike or coocky 12)idk,but they will try it for sure,atm they work to make the serber stable 13)all bugs will be fixed dw 14)remove totally rng,see the other posts 15)just make a thread
  3. all meta different,gears was have predeterminated stats and box wasnt exist,legendary tmq armour was given as reward at the end of tmq if lucky,all classes was have specific role(SK was a TANK not a DPS),overall stats all lower,upgrade system way better no U stones only pure and normal,cd% not random number,ssj level 50,shenron gear very good,was possible to craft upgrade stones by doing UD and get materials,mudasa gear best endgame gear(mixed with tmq),+attack was one of best stats for dps,fighter was have bleed on needle,sm was have highest single target dmg in game,majin spin was 6 sec cooldown with RP,scouter chips,build was need certain amount of sp for get next skill(example 3 points on tunnel slash for get kamehameha),passive was different,no masterclass bonus,equip wasnt have crazy stats,best MA ingame gloves was +5 p crit +5 str and +30 p attack etc etc ask more in detail and i explain better or more in deep
  4. i dont think we discuss of it yet kr original cap was 50 btw)55 get added leater)
  5. its totally different kr than tw... is like compare chocolate to shit...both are brown,can look kinda same,but one is way more good than other
  6. yes exactly,like christmas event,or summer event,will be stupid to have only certain time the drops of events. also for scramble I LIKE korean mode,every 8 hours (or 6 hours i dont remember,much time passed) after the wish get made. and for budokai,i think that should be 2 for weeks,1 in night time and 1 in day time during weekend.This way all can take part of it. for dragon ball hunt i guess,like korean(yeah im a big kr fan) weekend and during some vacation time(like 25 december,1 january etc...) those are just mine opinion tho(and i think like a player)
  7. i think some weekend time based even that need interactive(like do dunegons with gm,fight gm,hide n seek,race) will be hosted at some specific time more than 1 time and more than 1 person to make that all can partecipate. BUT i think some event like dragon ball hunt,or christmas event,new year event,should be on 24/24. thats my opinion
  8. That skill in us client is balanced,because karma cant skill lock you forever (skill lock skill got longer cd) and also Wonder majin got lower dmg,so they cant one shot you. Also if when match start you forward fas dash,they cant ring you out,because they need do Rp charghe skill and then use this. Also 3 seconds is really a short time,i know the range is big,but is one of theyr stronger weapon(atleast my opinion)
  9. Fighter in kr 55 cap with repetable quests,when wasnt mainstream
  10. i think this will changhe too much...base on kr client with reps(no sp in mastercallss/different passive),and only poko will need a tweak(should be maked that can give buffs to all not only to pets,so will be a hybrid healer/buffer) this will not changhe skill tree and will make the game balanced
  11. Well,well...on dbocom i find those pics,show me the scramble gloves i get after 3 mounths of scramble with korean guild.Was the best gloves of the game at the time,before dbo get ruined... I was 2nd foreigner to get those gloves.1st was Attacker,a very PRO swordman that even learn korean for love of DBO,2nd me,well nothing much to say i was pretty famous in that server,and the 3rd was ROB(BUT he use a glich to crash people for get those) A big thanks to NobleScarlet(if you read here i dont know) for help me translate korean/english for get it