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    DBOUR Alpha Release

    Bug reporting? Quick, someone hold my beer!
  2. Everytime I get off-work I have to deal with the thought that there is no functional DBO private server to immerse myself into when I get home, unlike others this project keeps my faith up, so please don't let me down. PS: I like these forums, props.
  3. It's nice that players are concerned about this, however, I don't endorse having such discussions held here, publicly. For best results, details about what security measures are and will be implemented in the server should be kept amongst admins and admins alone.
  4. As of now I think players should try to bend their schedules a bit to attend to the events, If we host the events at least twice a day it'll most likely allow busy players to partake in at least 1 of them, and I dont see any issues with having players with flexible schedules to attend to both. I believe they are working under a low budget, if so it'd be best to think of an affordable solution to start out. Perhaps when the playerbase grows and there's a constant cashflow they can brainstorm about a more player-friendly solution.
  5. We share the same interests you and I, since some of your questions weren't answered yet I decided to jump in and give you a small insight of the current progress! First of all, the project only started a couple of months ago, and it is currently undergoing Alpha phase (early stages). What they have accomplished in this time-span is unbelievable, it surely demonstrates what a group of dedicated developers can achieve when working together. They have made two teams, one working on the TW client while the other focuses on the KR version. So far they have been focusing on the very basic features of the game, like the combat system, NPC A.I., NPC shops (buying/selling), repair system, party system, teleports, consumable Items, basic Dueling system, trading system and most importantly over-all server stability. There are still plenty of basic yet crucial features to cover such as skills (currently being worked on), guild system, auction house, crafting system, mailing system, dragonball events, PVP tournaments, quests and instances. A huge translation revamp is due as well. I can't say how much content they have about the new races, It would certainly be great if an answer could be provided on the forums, but I can say it was confirmed (on Discord) that they will be working on them in the future along with more custom made content. I as well am eager to see what was left done about the engineer class, my guess is it was removed to keep the current races population balanced (2 classes per race). Original DBO idea: Again, this is what I know so far, an reply from the team would always be more reliable. All-in-all welcome to DBONU and I hope you choose to support the project!
  6. It will never be possible to satisfy every player's preferred schedule, logically as LordShaxx said it should be defined by the times the server has the highest player traffic. Usually: GMT-5 (North America/South America) GMT+1 (Europe/Africa) GMT+7 (Asia) Best bet is aim for the servers busiest hours and hope players can make it.