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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Hello to you. I had 230kk zenis. (I don't have a picture to show it.) my crafting was levels 31 STUFFS I had a pair of gloves at 25% attack speed +11 in weapon 23% attack speed Omega Gear Pants Rare 19% lp regen +12 (humain) Omega Gear Top Rare 19% lp regen +12 (humain) Omega Gear Boots Rare 24 con +13 (humain) My cell-x earrings were 25 cooldown cd and 20 cooldown cd. Gloves Energy crit 32% damage +17 Wand bactériane 29% Energy crit damage +16 items I had 83 seal coins stone u70 withe 46 stone u70 purple 41 stone u70 green 56 230 legendary honey bee drops Wish: SSJ /all dragon buffs bag 32 x1 or 2 i don't now I buy them with the shop items to give to Christmas. my dogis that I had to buy with zenis was Dogis. Broly Dogi (shirt ) (bougth in action house). Dogis gogeta ssj4 [RGB] outfit (bougth in action house)/ gogeta ssj4 tal [Rgb] (bougth in action house)/ hair gogeta ssj4 [rbg]. (bougth in action house). broly armor .(bougth in action house) Sab Vegeta / sab Goku .(bougth in action house) Baby goku.(bougth in action house) Piece and Love Halo.(bougth in action house) Arale's Cap.(bougth in action house) thank you for your understanding. SoraHeartless And Fhen can attest to that. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////