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    My Opinion for the Transformation. Keep it slow and slowly go up. SSJ2 -> SSJ3 -> SSJ4 -> SSJB -> Super Saiyan God -> Ultra Instinct? And also if we can activate Kaioken and Super Saiyan at the same time to increase stats for better dungeon experience and boss fight.(Currently not much players online is difficult to get a full party for dungeon) For the transformation of Super Saiyan can we make it something like Kaioken where you can go up to 3x? Example: 1. SSJ to SSJ2 require 1 RP ball 2. SSJ2 to SSJ3 require 2 RP ball or something else you guys can think of. SSJ3 to SSJ4 and so forth.... Maybe we can do it like more EP or LP costing for higher transformation. (I believe Ultra Instinct should be invisible without costing or at the verge of dying from Super Saiyan God to activate Ultra Instinct?) I also hope that some of the Transformation require to go through special quest to get it? like for SSJB/Super Saiyan God and also Ultra Instinct (If this does exist) lol. Thank you all the Staff for this and for your all hard work with all the fun we have in-game. I hope you will take this into consideration.