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  1. my progress is lost .. first of all my main character was 70 level and now is 21 level and my other characters deleted .. why ?
  2. i cant play with my main character .. choose my character and i press start and the client only loading and nothing happens .. im waiting 5 6 mins or more and after that im pressing Alt TAB and shows me this window "Dragon ball Online universe revelations has encountered an error and must be terminated'
  3. 1) i collected all dragon balls and my first wish is super saiyan 2) and the second time I picked it up all the dragon balls i wanted to wish for super saiyan 2 but i could not find it so, how to unlock super saiyan 2 my second wish by the war is dragon king's strength 3) if i not make a wish and time expires what happened?
  4. BilleyTs


    this is a beta server ?
  5. 1) i finish the 2 flying quest on kokkara 2) i find the npc and he giving me one quest to kill monkeys after this he giving a flying item 3) what quest i do to unlock the other flying quests? please giving a guide