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    first there was an error with the d3d9.dll. basically the message says that d3d9.dll is not designed to run on windows or contains an error , so i replace the dll file in the game folder with a version for windows 8.1 32 bits. I already had a problem with dll before, downloading and putting the dll file in the game folder solved, but this time another error occurred. program cannot be started because it is missing 'api-ms-win-appmodel-unlock-l1-1-0.dll' in your computer. try to reinstall it to solve this problem. I uninstalled the game with the revo uninstaller, restarted the computer, downloaded the game again (first time through mediafire and second time through gdrive), and disabled antiviros before installing the game again as administrator, but the error persists. I also install and repair all the programs needed to run the game. If someone, please, can help me with this problem, I appreciate it. I'm using google translator, sorry if it's hard to understand. NOTE: it was fixed after deleting the d3d9.dll and dxgi.dll files from the game folder.
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Lunarys Proof of ownership for claim(pictures, videos): For my level and class - What you would like to recover: Class Turtle Hermit Lv75 Dragonbuffs: SOL, CON, ENG, FOC and DEX SSJ transformation and both HTBs Zenny: 12~15kk Craft lv: 28~29 ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////