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    new quest bug in popaya island npc name Entourange Eric the call leader quest auto fails.
  2. Deniskam

    Mushroom Rocks South - Npc name : Moe the quest with Mushroom gang samurai cant be completed because there no samurai in the game.
  3. Deniskam

    anybody can ..... also i have to add some new ones... ---------- Buu memorial - npc name :Baudelaire the Oil Heater quest autofails and Hoi-poi mine Npc name : missing staff the small bomb quest ...
  4. Deniskam

    Buu memorial quest bugs 1.Au giran -> "Freezas army mother ship" dosent start it auto fails 2.Researcher Sandman -> there are no super coke frogs and the quest cant finish 3.Uncle bon -> "frozen clamp saibaman" like 1 ^ it auto fails.
  5. Deniskam

    1.Korin Scroll (for adult quest) and howling sword (for sword quest) are not removed after the quests....and you cant discard howling sword but you can discard korin scroll. 2.The Items Carrots,Apples,Gold etc etc there is no way to use them...if it is in the upgrade merchant to destroy them as i readed while googling it then it dosent working. 2a (suggestion make new hoipoi mixed items with them as materials) Westland area sometimes the world turned to black or blank...i needed to change channel more than 5 times to be able to walk around and etc. 4.some quests are not working at all 4a.spaceship talk to captain (forgot the name :P) in mermaid stone area ... you get the quest in korin tower. 4b.looking for robot you get the quest outside of ud2 4c.porunga rocks south quest name explosive device support. Yahoi west many of tutorial quests are not working suggestion -> remove them and add a tutorial box in launcher before you begin the game.. thats it for now i hope i will not found more bugs....sorry if i necropost or i should post this somewhere else.... good work keep it up!