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  1. More of the "phantom shadow" when I logged on 


    Also side bug: It would appear that the arrows point accurately, but sometimes the distance counter for my quests is wrong. As seen in the screenshot below, each quest reads "51521.."




  2. This is just a cosmetic bug that shows up intermittently! I've noticed this shadow will randomly show up and then disappear while I'm playing🤔When the "phantom shadow" is present, it seems to mirror the quests. Also shouts out to the dev team! You are killing it!

  3. On the same TMQ, I was killed by an invisible monster 
    I backed away from the mob to be sure I wasn't still fighting someone lost in the loot.. but I just kept getting hit and poisoned but there was nothing to attack

  4. We had a party of three players, one of the players was unable to move from the start of the mission, and this bug did not resolve itself after we loaded the second area (we thought maybe it would). Then the entire game crashed just before the other two players finished the second area. After relaunching, the prereq items were not recovered.



    Overall, loving the game! Thank you creators!

  5. On 8/14/2020 at 3:55 PM, aries said:

    Left Click, and W causes you to fall out of flight.

     Double Right Click, and W causes you to fall out of flight with a chance of being stuck. And in a mob of enemies, it forces you to relog.

    Yep- this exact thing happens to me as well. Maybe 40% of the time, I end up stuck when I land.
    It happened regardless of whether I was using a flight scroll or after I completed the flight quest(s).


    Edit: This also occurs when I run out of AP while flying <-