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  1. Amazing job guys, i really think you're working in the right direction to make this project the best out there to old and new players, the effort spent will pay off. One thing about this barber function which i was hoping to be more "accessible" to players than the system you adopted. I haven't erased my char in earlier levels thinking of this function available in progressing now kinda screw me because now way i ever saw 50kk + or get close to it. Why penalize the higher level? I like the idea to earn my stuff but In the end making a new char from scratch would surely take less time that earn all that amount of zeni, for a function implemented in progress.. i think existent players got penalized by this, maybe a lower fixed price, or 1 time a free ticket would solve it. I hope you consider my 2 cents. Nevertheless keep the great work, excited to see whats coming on for this project!
  2. Thanks for your time man, very appreciated. Senn
  3. Hello, i was able to play 2 rounds and half in the last kid budokai's final but sadly the client suddently stopped working and the client crashed. As result of this it seems that i DID NOT get any title, that's really unfortunate because it wasn't a fault by my hand.. and with all that time spent involved into the whole competition it feels like wasted I have tried reloggin and asked help in chat but with no success. So i hope you can check and solve this matter to me, i am just asking what i supposed to recieve. Was a loss anyway. Thanks character affected: Shelby