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  1. why are arrows pointing the wrong way?? i wanna put the image but i dont know how to as an URL
  2. 1. thanks 2. when you went anywhere and you see that the distance says "3.0km" for example, and another quest says "1.5km" and another says "0.1km", when you go to any of them, the "km" indicator said, "3.0km" to all of them, i dont know if it takes the longest distance or the first that happens to be the longest, but all of them change to the same 3. ok, ill wait
  3. i have 3 questions 1: did you fix, if you havent already, the controls of the flying system?? reason: when you fly directly, the character starts to go down automaticly 2: did you fix, if you havent already, the number of the distance to a quest?? reason: when you go to your target and its 2kilometers away, after 2 minutes, all the other quest say the same distance 3: did you fix, if you havent already, the names of the quest?? reason: when you put the mouse in the circle of the map, says a name but when you check your quest list, says another, wich is very confusing when you have several quests
  4. The 3 of this subjects needs to be fix vechicle: go for half a second and the stops by itself fly: when flying automaticly goes down quest: the name in the red circle of the map should be the same as the name in the list of quest (when press j), also, the dictance put below of the arrow of the quest is bugged after taking mission on the map of karin village a bit after arriving i wanna put them in video but i dont know where