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  1. Just to be clear Aizi don't have quest at this point an the other quest tells me to sove Aizi's problem, there isn't any other quest mark anywhere. Quess it's better to just make a new character in the next weekend, luckily getting to lvl30 doesn't take much time.
  2. Shouldn't Aizi have a quest at this point? This is right after starting the adult quest from Hada. Anyway to fix this?
  3. To a noob that just got to level 50 and have been thinking that it would be nice to chance my characters face and hair, this is just teasing I have gotten myself 6,000,000zeni the past month, it's gonna take me forever before I have extra 25,000,000 to spare still nice tho
  4. I got my game working after I allowed it on windows defender.
  5. It looks like this Edit : I'm not in rush, the next time I have time to play/try to fix this is probably in a week or so. I'll still check this topic from time to time Edit 2 : Nevermind, I got it working. It was my windows defender that blocked it, it's what I assumed to be the problem, but was just too scared to allow it first, because it showd the problem as "trojan". Had to allow it from windows defender and it started working. I haven't even tried if this game runs smoothly with my old laptop but atleast now I know how to get it working if I get new computer someday. (assuming that it won't run) Thanks for the help anyway!
  6. I have not played this game before, so I think the download should have been with the latest update already
  7. Nigi7z

    Can't Open the game

    Can anyone help me with this?