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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Crono Level 75 Swordsman 180kk zeni Super Saiyan, all dragon buffs, htb 2x Cell-x strength rings, 2x Cell-x rings with 20 con (idr the name) 2x Octopus gamma attack ring, 2x octopus epsilon ring, 5x Cell-X badges (idr the stats) 2x cell-x Earrings with dex, 1 cell-X earring with strength 78 u70 Green Stones, 70 u70 Purple Stones, 69 u70 white stones, probably around 400 u70 red and blue stones 30 silver boxes, 40 brown boxes 15 rare dogi balls crafting level 33 full omega combat gear +14 3 stacks of event coins 101 huge honey around 15000 token points depression aura friend of trunks title, universes luckiest title, time chaser title i believe i was given ur points for participating in the T.o.P event i bought 2 future gohan dogis and 2 gt goku dogis from xaros the day the server crashed and most of the dogis i had are in the imgur link guild: Shinra, Guld logo, Guild bank2 last time i checked playtime was 5169 hrs and 23 mins Character Marle level 70 turtle 70kk zeni super saiyan , all dragon buffs,htb Friend of trunks title, universes luckiest title, child of nature title broly dogi, cc saiyan tail, vegito dogi, timebreaker bardock dogi, turles dogi 10 u70 green stones 10 u70 purple stones 10 u70 white stones 1 stack of event coins 50 huge honey around 8000 token points play time 4890 hr 03 min ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////