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  1. @ Dumke I get what you're saying on one hand and that may apply to some cases, but on the other you're still not protected in the scenario I mentioned. For example, all a spyware infection needs is to not be flagged by the anti-virus at the point of contamination and ran with the relevant privileges. Same goes for other types of malware, so ideally you want to have an anti-virus be actively checking a dynamic file that can update remotely. @ SanGawku OK I see, fair. Though, it will be really interesting to see if it will now pass as clean by Win Def. Great first step. Thanks a lot guys, really looking forward to testing!
  2. @ SanGawku Amazing man - this is great, thanks. I think there's huge value add here, so not at all useless: 1) Establish trust for new players 2) Solving all forum posts and issues caused by key files getting quarantined, which theoretically will save you time and future troubleshooting with users 3) Security - In the worst and scary scenario where there's a leak/hack and someone pushes malicious code via your patcher without you knowing/controlling it. Currently everyone is allowing the entire directory in their anti-virus and has given admin privileges to the executables, so they're defenseless. If there's no false positive, there's no need to add ignore rules to the anti-virus in the first place, which is ideal. Looking forward to this!
  3. Hey man, thanks for that explanation. This makes a lot of sense. I guess this is the perfect false positive since BugTrap attempts to collect a memory dump, overriding the default Windows handler. Then I imagine it attempts to send the data to you, and you define where and how that data should travel. I guess you've set up a server for it and define that in the code? Or maybe it supports email or something. So since your code is unsigned, Win Def does a good job of marking this as seemingly malicious (even if it's a false positive in this case). Would it be possible to upload a release with BugTrap disabled to see if my Win Def will detect this as malware? Would be great - thanks a lot again, man
  4. @ Dumke Thanks for your quick reply man, as always! I am curious as to what code triggers the malware detection in this case. Maybe a good place to start checking would be the way you direct the DBO client to the emulated server. Also, perhaps the patcher itself? Even then though why would Windows Defender be detecting this as malware? I guess the exceptions raised in @ UncleDrew 's and mine's patchers are caused by functions that live in a DLL that the client executable can call? Or does this all happen in the client executable? From the way I see it, it's probably a case where you have unsigned code that you utilise to connect the client with your server, which effectively is called by either the client executable from a DLL or by the executable itself to fetch data remotely and attempts to makes changes to files. Best guess is that Win Def doesn't like this and raises a flag. But all Win Def is doing is 1) hash check on your code against a massive database and potentially getting a match that relates it to malware or 2) spot a function that is getting injected on execution (on unsigned software) that is changing things and/or fetching data remotely and attempting to make changes to files. I understand you guys are busy with stability patches for the server etc. but I think it's vital to have a straight answer with regards to this. I really respect you for the crazy work you have clearly put in this over the years and for allowing people to enjoy a game we all cherish for free. As this project is closed source (and I understand that, it's your project, your hours and hard work), it would be great if we could get a detailed explanation on this whole thing. It would give me a lot more comfort to enjoy the game. Let me know Thanks a lot!
  5. @ UncleDrew This happens because your antivirus is removing and quarantining the Client.exe during patching @ Dumke I got the same error due to this^ I know we can fix it by allowing the Client executable in our anti-virus, but I was wondering why are there so many detections by Win Defender in the first place? Additionally, why is running as administrator required? Surely if the game is placed outside Program Files there shouldn't be any need for this kind of privilege by the launcher or client? I know @ SanGawku made a post to VirusTotal of the Client executable, but could we please get some transparency on this one? I mean we are trusting you guys of course, but we are allowing all incoming traffic from the executables in our firewall, and running as admin whilst Win Def is giving out severe trojan warnings, just feels a bit uneasy... There's now 2 different trojans that get detected by Win Defender:
  6. After some research I found a pretty sweet solution. You can use Rivatuner (RTSS). This is a very frequently used piece of software in conjunction with MSI Afterburner for monitoring FPS, temperatures and clock speeds of hardware mid game etc. This is usually done with an OSD (On-Screen Display). There is an option called Framerate Limit, with which you can cap the FPS at whatever number you like. You can also hide the OSD, so that it won't show stats when you don't need it to. Cheers all
  7. Hey guys, Just wanted to raise that the FPS limiter is not working in my client. I have set it to 60 FPS, as I have a 60Hz monitor with FreeSync (paired with an AMD Vega 56), and the FPS is literally at 1,200 during loading and 600-700 during gameplay. My GPU is coil whining like crazy from pushing all these frames. I also tried forcing V-SYNC via my GPU control panel (AMD Adrenaline) to cap frames at 60, but still no go. Also tried 30, 40, 50 FPS but nothing... Any advise on this? Could it be a broken feature? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks a lot Adding some details in case it helps narrow down the case Launcher: Build: GPU: Vega 56 Display Size: 3840x2160
  8. Thanks for your message man. 1) Makes sense 2) Also clear 3) Cool idea on the cosmetics side, wouldn't mind getting some dogis - Do I purchase in-game via PayPal or something? 4) Awesome to hear Sounds great - glad as well
  9. Hey all, I used to play a lot on the TW server of DBO maaaaany years back (must be almost a decade now, gosh), and I stumbled upon DBOUR a few minutes ago. Have some really fond memories from that time, so massive thank you to the team here for keeping DBO alive, and for all the hours I imagine you have put in this. Very excited to listen to the OST and play a bit, the nostalgia rush will be intense! And emotional I have the following questions: 1) I have spotted various posts around bugs, freezes, crashes etc. Is there any maintained documentation on game breaking bugs, or a sticky post of some sort that I and the community should be aware of? I have read the common problems in the support page (e.g. lack of Visual C++ and DirectX DLLs etc.), but aside from that, am I good to just download the client and get playing? 2) Overall how does it compare to the official server back in the day in terms of playability (with regards to crashes etc.)? 3) Not exactly sure if there's a cash shop supported, but am I able to donate to an email address via PayPal? Not really interested in getting any in-game item/zeni, only wanted to contribute to keeping the project alive and show some appreciation. I have a massive soft spot for anything DBO related! 4) Has the English patch of Citrinate (from dbocom) been further developed? What's the translation stage of the game? Thanks a lot! (Sorry if some of these are already answered, made sure to check around before posting but might have missed some)