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  1. Do I have to install this .net core separately and what is this stuff for?
  2. Lyo

    Hallo zusammen, ich habe vor eine Deutsche Gilde zu eröffnen, die Gilde war damals auch bei DBOG Aktiv und wir hatten eine Menge spaß. Also falls ihr lust und laune habt, dann schreibt mich gerne an. Es werden 5 Member in einer Party gebraucht um die Gilde zu eröffnen. Gruß, Rya
  3. Lyo

    Could you please fix this absolutely annoying bug? If I have the Kaio-Ken active, I can no longer activate any skills from time to time and have to log in again.
  4. Lyo

    Maybe someone is so nice and could upload the latest patch to me? @ SanGawku has already uploaded one, but it takes 13 hours to download the patch. Would be really nice of you.
  5. Lyo

    @ Dumke Is there anything else?
  6. Lyo

    For me, the download loads very very slowly. I need 13 hours for this ...
  7. Lyo

    I have the same problem. I hope there will soon be a solution that I really want to gamble.
  8. Lyo

    Very nice, I'm happy to hear that. The game is a lot of fun
  9. Lyo

    Hello everybody I'm looking for a good PVE skill tree for the martial artist. Would be nice if someone could help me there.
  10. Lyo

    Do you get another answer?
  11. Lyo

    In my launcher it says that the patch failed. What do I have to do?
  12. Lyo

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if a German translation is planned?