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    "wrong camera fov" means "wrong camera FOV". The bug you are describing is something really different and has nothing to do with the FOV. The one I fixed was related to your camera fov being reset to 45 each time you get into tmqs. The one you are describing is indeed not fixed yet but we already know about it
  2. What about some new stuff ? Training Points and Distribution have been reset They will not be reset again. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Fixed party not being teleported outside of tmq. [TEMPORARY] Fixed not being able to dash in tmq. Fixed wrong camera fov in tmq Fixed token shop not being closed properly on npc interaction Fixed auras not being properly loaded Fixed font related crash Fixed font mask related crash Fixed terrain texture loading with mods Fixed crash on missing mob table Quest Radar is now hidden once the animation is finished. Saibamen in tmq 1 are now not respawning. Reworked tori bot message Implemented new Staff Message @unstuck can now be used in instances (tmq, etc) Implemented gamble capsules Reworked display tabs in Hoi-Poi Shop Updated Cash Shop items. Updated some table text. Updated Item Data to add some new items. Added Gamble Capsules. Added Display Percentages and Items for Gamble Capsules Fix Texture loading for Mods Revert Changes to Upgrade Calculations Changed Upgrade Notification Banner to +13
  3. (Powerin' Up!) My name is John CENA. Fixed error message when binding to same popo stone Fixed out of range crash Updated Budokai Time Format Added more informative formatting for Dragonball Hunt times. Implemented game stats window using the previously called "party search" button Press , (comma) to open game statistics menu. Login screen is now cycles through several locations. Tons of skills updated Added more total skills(Skill max before was 60 now is 120) Removed time limit from skills reset (Can now reset as long as you have the zeni) Updated the 15 minute timer text Changed boss event text Server timed broadcasts updated Client secret tweaks This is the first in a long line up of skill updates for higher level buffs/skills Some skills maybe highered or lowered during this process Mighty Majin Extreme Spirit Up Incrases Soul by 18 Extreme Critical Defense Increases Physical Critical Hit Rate by 16 Extreme Critical Attack Increases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 18 CHEF Extreme Scent Marking Increases Hit Rate by 297 Increase Dexterity by 30 Extreme Fountain of Smell Increases Constitution by 30 % Exreme Defense Breath Increases Physical Defense by 699 Increases Constitution by 41 Extreme Gourmet Mastery Increases Constitution by 41 Increases Energy by 70 ULTIMATE Extreme Strength Up Increases Constitution by 34 Extreme Defense Up Increases Defense Rate by 408 Extreme Miraculous Cheering Increases Energy by 37 Increases Constitution by 39 Extreme Miraculous Body Increases Max Lp by 1382 PLASMA Extreme Plasma Mastery Increase Focus by 37 Increase Hit Rate by 501 Extreme Harmonious Drumbeat Increases Dexterity by 48 Reduces Skill cooldown time by 15 Extreme Burning Rage Increases Energy Attack by 59 Increases Burn defense by 411 KARMA Extreme Karama Mastery Increases Max EP by 2701 Increases Energy Defense by 1366 Extreme Jokin Matter Increases Statuts resistance by 246 (only change betwen level 5 and 6 ) Extreme Agility Rage Increases Dexterity by 39 MARTIAL ARTIST Extreme Fortitude Increases Soul by 21 Increases Energy Critical Damage by 18 % FIGHTER Extreme Swiftness Increases Dodge Rate by 378 Increases Dexterity by 35 Extreme Fighting Mastery Increases Strength by 76 Increases Dexterity by 67 Extreme Evade Up Increases Dodge Rate by 489 Extreme Blitz Fist Increases attack speed by 15 % Upgraded from self target to aoe target at this level Swordsman Extreme Swordsman Mastery Increases Strength by 81 Increase Focus by 70 Extreme Increase Hit Rate Increases Hit Rate by 475 Extreme Increase Critical Hit Rate Increase Physical Critical Hit Rate by 21 Incrases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 21 Extreme Penetrate Increases Dexterity by 39 Increases Physical Critical Damage by 8 % Extreme Glaring Slash Physical/Energy Attack decreases by 16 % Physical/Energy Defense decreases by 16 % CRANE Extrme Focus Increases Focus by 246 Extreme Secrete Crances Success Increases Success Rate by 310 Extreme Crane Discharge Increases Energy by 39 Increases Constitution by 39 Extreme Increase Agility Increases Dexterity by 30 Extreme Resist it Increases status resistance rate by 250 Extreme Put out the Flames 3111 LP recovered RP increases by 200 TURTLE Extreme Prehistoric Turtle Mastery Increases Soul by 56 Increases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 17 Extreme Focus Increases Focus by 24 Extreme Clear Mirror Index Increases Energy Critical Damage by 20 % Increases Hit Rate by 560 WARRIOR Extreme Draconic Protection Increases Physical Defense by 722 Increases max LP by 2011 Extreme Draconic Righteousness Increases Energy Defense by 402 Increases Energy Attack by 21 % Extreme Draconic Spirit Increases Constitution by 24 Increases Energy by 24 DARK WARRIOR Extreme Talon Defense Physical/Energy Defense increases by 766 Extreme FOC Boost Increases Focus by 42 Increases Max EP by 41 % Extreme Rising Spirit Increases Constitution by 30 Extreme Powerful Roar Higher Agro send Ranged increase SHADOW KNIGHT Extreme Rising Spirit Increases Constitution by 30 Extreme Deception Energy Attack Decreases by 34 % DENDE PRIEST Extreme Kami's Aurora 157 EP recovered every 2 seconds Extreme Increase Resistance Increases Reistance Rate by 492 Extreme Increase Energy Increases Energy by 57 POKO Extreme Combatant Mastery Increases Max LP by 3991 Increases Soul by 70 Extreme Kami's Determination Increase Physical Attack by 72 Increases Energy Critical Hit Rate by 18 CHEF Curing Scent lvl 1 Now Gives 1 RP Ultimate Curing Scent Now Gives 2 RP FIGHTER Ultimate High Speed Needle Reduced to 550 %
  4. Zekrose

    Report that in the bug section please, with the crash dump from bugtrap.
  5. IF ITS BROKEN THEN FIX IT! Fixed the repair all button Fixed quest arrow not shown with the proper color once quest is completed Fixed big number of unread mails Fixed Majins changing back to white when adult. Fixed Pure Majin Crash. Fixed Dojo Scramble Request causing a crash Fixed Dojo Scramble Response causing a crash Fixed more warnings in source. Fixed some property related crashes. Bank inventories are now movable Bank bar is now movable and moves all inventories at once //New feature Server-side tweaks. LP Bonus for CON is equalized across all classes. Updated the XML library Re-enabled Multi-clienting (for now.) Changed rates for being lower level than your target Update Drop Level Difference for TMQ items Changed Max Level Difference for Rank Battle. Increase range of experience collection for parties Restructure experience based on level difference. Added Several New Titles and Effects for them Added a large amount of art assets to the game Added a new @help command.
  6. Zekrose

    There shouldn't be any max level now for those. Since previously the max level was 70 it would prevent players from entering if they were 70+.
  7. Finally some old bugs fixed! Fixed flight scrolls. (Flight quests are still bugged and require a buff skill to be cast) Fixed Bank Cost Fixed Token Shop Popup Timer Fixed Item Bag Vanish Glitch(hopefully) Fixed Effect Texture Mods not Loading. Server-side tweaks. Client tweaks. Changed Rank Battle max level difference for party and solo Changed Max Level for TMQs Changed Max Level for UDs
  8. Zekrose

    You can go on the calendar and click on the cog then export to .ics . You can then import that file into your calendar app and change the settings to fit your timezone.
  9. Take a deep breath and hit the like button. Fixed some crashes related to missing resources. Token shop fixed Fixed crash for updating guild info in budo and dojo. Implemented new bank system with more slots (32 slots instead of 16) and increased cost. Usernames can now be hidden in settings. Implemented new pvp area at Cell Ring Implemented new command @time to get server time. Server-side tweaks. Client tweaks.
  10. Zekrose

    @Adonis We look at the Bug section everyday so post it there please ! Same for @Cena90 but your bug is already posted.
  11. Zekrose

    Pets don't work at the moment. We're discussing about whether we should implement them or rework the pet system to add something else instead.
  12. Zekrose

    There's also a calendar on the forum that helps you visualize better and it suits your locale settings
  13. Have a cup of tea and hit the like button. Fixed teleporters not being registered. Fixed "Updated X / 15948330" on quest item progress message (in chatbox) Removed tutorial prompt after character creation. Server-side tweaks. Shadow Knight Deception Range increased 35 >> 48 mobs at max 32 Bold Strike Hit damage scaling 210/240/279/310 Steal Life Drain Asorb 200 lp every 2 seconds Master Champion Increase Max Energy Defense by 1121 >> 1709 Ep 2561 >> 2961 Slash Base damage 630 Cleave Base damage is now 886 Dende Ultimate KAmi MErcy lvl 3 base heal adjusted 2822 > 3300 CD adjusted and now scaling as the following 18/17/16/15 Ep cost at lvl 4 1186 >> 1300 Magical Ring Damage % Increased and now scaling as the following for levels 2/3/4 >> 72/89/120 % Plasma Ultimate homing storm lvl 4 263% >> 320% ultimate super rythmic trance 207% >> 252% ultimate rythmic trance 163% >> 199% ultimate critical spiritual damage Now scaling as the following 5/8/11/15 >> 8/11/15/20 ultimate ep control lvl 4 41 >> 52 ultimate burning rythm 237 % >> 263 %
  14. Zekrose

    Are you talking about the scouter db target scan feature ?
  15. Zekrose

    There is a pinned message on discord that might help you, let us now if it solves your problem. Otherwise, I'll suggest you to redownload the game again to be sure you have all the proper files.
  16. Zekrose

    Oh nice ! Thank you for these changes ! Finally token shop working properly
  17. Zekrose

    Well he fixed the problem when you get stuck on landing. However, there's indeed a new issue causing mid air stuck, just report it and it will be fixed. Otherwise he has no clue that it's bugged again
  18. Zekrose

    Press F for the multi client... Anyway, I think it's a good way to get people to rely more on each other. I've already seen some messages in chat like "Who wants to quest together" that I've not seen before haha. Thank you !
  19. Zekrose

    Hello everyone ! As summer is slowly getting on and travelling is gonna be quite difficult to do, one must get busy doing something else ! Here I am. [Introduction] I am a 19 years old engineering student living in Europe. For those interested (if you are not, we'll have to talk), my hobbies consist of playing piano, eating (who doesn't), sleeping (because it's important) and many other things amongst anything related to computers (including gaming lol). I've first been in contact with a computer at the age of 3 when my parents bought their first computer. From that time on, I've never left my computer even though it has evolved. During my childhood, as school is quite easy (at least for me), I had to get busy for most of the time playing games. Even though my very first game was "Adibou" (google it if you wanna know what I was going through at the age of 3-5), I really got into RPG games very early on (Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc), and MMORPG (name one I haven't played...), and if I had to name one that really stick into my heart, it would be the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. Since its release, I've been in love with this game and it's definitely my favourite ! [Experience] My early "début" as a developper have been quite challenging. I've never written any program or anything and at the age of 12, I decided to get into a project some people were creating : A minecraft server. I applied then as a web developer even though I didn't have any skills (and I mentioned it), they accepted me because I promised them I'd learn fast and help them develop their website. Little did I know that I'd get really involved into that project and I'll end up having one of the best experiences of my life getting along with that project. As the server was slowly going at the beginning as we had to launch it several times to get it where we wanted it to be (we were all learning how to handle a project that big because we were not planning on releasing a small community server but one in order to rise above the other ones. Small break here, in 2016 I decided to try something new and see how much I've evolved. I applied as a web developer for a youth club near my town and they hired me. I thus had to deal with my very first professional website. Long story short, it ended up not being the only professional website I made, thus I ended up making over a dozen other websites (I'll share my portfolio in private if you want but I'd like to keep it private here since it's related to my real life identity). Meanwhile, I wasn't finished with that minecraft server. Long story short too, as our server wasn't going further as we'd hoped (at that time I also got into java development to expand my skills range), our CM got in touch with a youtuber (1.5M) that wanted to create his own server (as it was a trend at that time). We then agreed to launch instead our own server (we merged with another server that also crashed) and have him and another youtuber as the main "sponsors". After a whole summer of development, we were ready to launch this new server. I was then of the 10ish admins of the server and was also the lead of web dev. We had a team of over 100 members (I am not even kidding) as moderators, helpers, builders, etc. Over 3000 players joined the server on the launch which caused some crash issues (we were not expecting so many people) and then got more stable at around 100-200 players for a few weeks (as we were migrating our whole servers), before going back to a daily amount of players between 1000 and 2000. I left this amazing project in 2017 because I had some IRL problems that required most of my time and focus. Regarding other skills, I always had the dream of making my own MMORPG. I started with the creation of some basic games to learn other programming architectures as C++, C, C# for example, and developed them only for the purpose of learning how it concretly works. Nowadays, I've started a real project on developing my own MMORPG a few months ago and releasing a closed pre-alpha in July. I'm developing the entire architecture, the client, the server, and as I'm able to learn fast, I come up with solid ideas fast enough to develop a solid base for the game. I'm also slowly looking for new members that are also quick learners and motivated to join this big project which helps me develop my leadership skills. [Motivations] When you ask me about motivations, my answer is that motivation is not enough. Why ? Because having motivation is a great step to get involved into something and I am of course motivated to join this project because it will help me learn a lot of things which will be of necessary use later on, but also because I really like this game and I've been looking at this server progress for the past year before actually getting into the server. I really wanna get involved into the server in order to help it get bigger and develop new features. Nevertheless, as I was saying earlier, motivation is not enough for such a project. You can't just ask me about my motivations because no matter how great they are, if one has no discipline, they will never get to actually do anything. This is actually one of the best lessons I've learned while developing my own game. Even though making my dream come true and developing my game is one of the biggest motivations I've ever had, that motivation is not enough to make me get onto the code and make the project go further because motivation fluctuates and is only temporary. Nevertheless, what is really important is DISCIPLINE. I've disciplined myself into working on the project even when I seem to be like "I'm not as motivated as yesterday, I'll do it when I'll be motivated" which helps me make sure that the project is going further each day as long as I don't have something else that's prior to that (such as health for example). This is the real thing I'm talking about. Discipline is the motivation I have that gets me to make anything I step into get further and thus what will guarantee you that this project is going to get further if you decide to accept me. [Availability] I'm available most of the time unless I plan something in advance. Instead of planning to free 5 hours everyday for DBOR, I instead think like this : whatever time I free for DBOR is sliced into two parts. The first one is dedicated to actually playing on the server which may vary from 1 hour to a dozen hours straight. The second one is dedicated to actually working on the server, which only depends on the tasks I have to do. Thus, it may vary from time to time (in case of no tasks for example), but I always make sure to get whatever task I have to be done in time. And in general, I'm always available on discord unless I'm sleeping [Misc skills] - I speak 4 languages fluently (Native or C2+) : English, French, Romanian and Italian - I have a B2ish language skill in Dutch and Spanish (C2 at the end of the year for spanish) - B1 in Japanese - I learn things really quickly (and not only learn but also master things I learn with passion) - Social skills (I'm not only a cave developer, I talk to people from time to time... at least to the cashier lol) - Engineering student (I'm getting into third year this year) which kind of helps sometimes in the thinking process haha Nevertheless, I don't have any humor because I had to choose between humor and great memory. But oddly I can't remember which one I chose. Thanks for reading me ! Have a nice day !