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  1. MightyFighter

    Your skills were already returned to you.
  2. MightyFighter

    Just double check. Make sure you completed them and talked to right person because the flight chain quest works.
  3. MightyFighter

    Well, It depends on whether or not your settings in game is maxed out. There might also be other settings outside of the game preventing it. Such as maybe another anti-virus besides windows defender. Maybe add the game to an exceptions list there. Depends on what you have on your pc really.
  4. MightyFighter

    Add your DBOUR game folder to your anti-virus exceptions list You can also add the client.exe
  5. MightyFighter

    This most likely is due to the wrong sign up page as forums accounts and game accounts are different. Make sure to sign up for the game account from here. https://universe.dborevelations.com/register/index.php
  6. MightyFighter

    You simply change gender. Can't choose hair or eye. It usually just corrolates with the male or female version of that eye or hair
  7. MightyFighter

    They're in there
  8. MightyFighter

    This can occur if you change channels while in game. It usually disconnects you from the chat. To fix this you will need to log out and select the preferred channel
  9. MightyFighter

    Probablemente hayas creado una cuenta de foros y no una cuenta de juego. Son dos cosas diferentes. Para crear una cuenta de juego, deberá registrarse usando el botón o el iniciador o ir a este enlace. https://universe.dborevelations.com/register/index.php
  10. MightyFighter

    At the moment unfortunately that is how it is. The capsules will reset everytime you log out. It only stays in position once you change it in game and stay in that same session without changing your locked windows setting in the options. It isn't high priority so a fix will probably not be soon but who knows. Depends on how easy it is to fix
  11. MightyFighter

    It is not a priority at the moment. However eventually in the future it will be added. Possible in a different way so stay tuned.
  12. MightyFighter

    10/10 patch can you please explain further what you mean by this?
  13. MightyFighter

    Mind showing more of that screenshot? You can also check common problems and solutions section of this forum.
  14. MightyFighter

    Allow your game folder and client.exe past your antivirus
  15. MightyFighter

    Please pm me on discord when you're online so that I can give back the skills. (Mighty)
  16. MightyFighter

    Please pm me on discord when you're online so I can add the skills back. (Mighty)
  17. MightyFighter

    Please pm me on discord when you're online so I can add the skills back. (Mighty)
  18. MightyFighter

    Please pm me on discord when you are online so I can add the skills back. (Mighty)
  19. MightyFighter

    Added Back Please dm on discord when you are online, so I can give back the skills
  20. MightyFighter

    It's a bug with the current system. It's being worked on so that eventually all the players who were affected by this problem can have their skills back.
  21. MightyFighter

    It's just a crash report. Happens to everyone
  22. Probably. If simply adding it to the exceptions list on your anti-virus does not work. Then you will most likely need to run it as administrator whenever launching the game.
  23. It's your anti virus. Allow your game folder pass windows defender or whatever anti virus you have.
  24. MightyFighter

    I'm super late. But disassembling items is as easy as opening your inventory. In your starter basic capsule you will see a little brown star at the top left. You can click on it and choose disassemble.
  25. MightyFighter

    You need to continuously killed mobs that are within the range of 7levels above or below you. Everytime they respawn they will have a chance to show the dragon ball icon on the mini map at the top and when you kill them. They have an 8% chance to drop a dragon ball.