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    Keep up the good work!!!
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    Hi I am Kenshi, I am 18 years old and spend a lot of time on my computer. I am a student and am currently taking a semester off of college. My hobbies are playing video games, drawing, and dancing. I live in New York and spend all my free time on my PC. I have played the game since 2012 and been through a couple versions. I am open to discord dms and will actively help players who are reasonable. I run ONSIGHT, so ofc I can work in a team lmao. Just kidding but I try to work with people as best I can. I personally want to be a moderator in order to better direct new players and improve their early experience. When I first played in 2012 I was in 6th grade and got help from my guild (Tempest). My guild leader Madara Uchiha would help me do level 9 quests and play the game. I would love to provide knowledge that I didn't know when i started to newer players. GL in picking moderators.