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  1. I ended up fixing this problem but korin village is very laggy and crashes alot everywhere else is laggy as well but not as much as korin village
  2. i downloaded the new client n my laptop is 64 bit & the game dosent launch after i used administration so i tried without n still didnt work, so i tried downloading the 32bit version instead and it told me to download .Net so i did and everytime i try to launch the 32bit client all it says is download .Net when i already did pls help
  3. litetj

    thank you so much!!! @ Dumke
  4. litetj

    do you think you guys can reset the image training points in the next patch i kinda messed my player up boosting the wrong stats
  5. litetj

    can we reset the image training points again please i would really appreciate it
  6. litetj

    @ YamiGoku got a point there I agree with him
  7. litetj

    i feel like you should do ssj2 first before blue but honestly like have ssj2 for a while then if yall drop another transformation have it be blue
  8. litetj

    same problem here just figured out the problem you got to register again through the launcher itself