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    Hello guys! I want to give some basic information about this class. Builds: My PVP build My PVE build Shadow Knight is one of the best PVP classes in the game, this class has huge damage whith very large LP amount. Well if our SK is well gear we dont have problem to beat any class. So PVE section is not best for SK, but also not a bad option due to the large number of LPs and the ability to kill mobs. So, in warrior section we must have 3 buffs, Dragonic Protection, Dragonic Righteusness and Dragonic Spirit, for debuffs we need 2, Dragonic Owerpowering and Curse. The most powerful skill for SK is Bold Strike, so with good axe and good + (min +13) we won't have a problem killing mobs or other players in the PVP section. Also passive powers are very important in both cases, as they give you CON. Gear For PVP: Jacket: %Anty Crit, %LP recovery Pants: %LP recovery Boots: CON Gloves: FOC Axe: %E.Crit Necklace: succes rate Earrings: 2xpros, 2xdecrase bleed,2xdecrase fear, Ring: 2xFOC, 2x phy reflect, 2xdecrase bleed, 2xdecrase confusion 1 For PVE: Jacket: %LP recovery Pants: %LP recovery Boots: CON Glove: FOC Axe: %E.Crit Necklace: prop which you have in your weapons Earrings: 2xprops Ring: 2xCON, 2XFOC Warrning! Also need 58 lv TMQ armor with high stats and deffense with large + (minimum +12)!!!