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  1. xXRyujinXx

    Dude chill the game is still online its jus people may be at diff places at diff times. The server still lives believe me. By out of npc you mean npc didnt show ? Must be some lag or small bug error. Reload prolly
  2. xXRyujinXx

    No Idk why
  3. xXRyujinXx

    hey when i wanna download launcher it leads me to announcements section of discord with no downolads available. Can u help me
  4. xXRyujinXx

    Ofcourse i was killing them but here's the thing the dragonball icon didn't show upon the map so u know i couldn't get dragonballs
  5. xXRyujinXx

    Hey can u add the feature of hiding worn gauntlets/bracelets cause ur worn dogi hides the top,bottom and the shoes And also i went into the db hunt event there was literally no mob showing signs of dragonball can u do somethin with this lv5/7 bracket please I seriously wanna ssj
  6. xXRyujinXx

    Hey why are those dragonball spawn and drop rates so low i mean i am 48lv and fightin 43lv mobs still no sign of mobs with dragonballs,why? And u said there is no db hunt event on thursday but i saw one from 8:00am to 12:30pm.(not complaining tho)
  7. xXRyujinXx

    Hey can u please make armour cards workin also popo bank ain't workin
  8. xXRyujinXx

    Hey i got some suggestions for ya:- 1. Fix flying takeoff (character gets stuck sometimes in air) 2. AP Bar colour fix 3. Make Dragonball hunt event frequent (like some special days when u can collect dragonballs and make it 24hr) 4. Make Scouter scan dragonballs jus like it scans quests now (like bulma's radar) Well thats all for now i hope u find them helpful
  9. I am tellin ya i don't have the launcher u want me to find in my game folder, i rechecked it and didn't find anythin
  10. Hey sorry i was told that i would get a new launcher but i didn't receive any so could you provide it to me please.
  11. xXRyujinXx

    Sry for disturbin ya ,Hey i checked my messages and didnt receive the launcher.
  12. xXRyujinXx

    See i am able to get latest updates but that one option is not workin for me
  13. xXRyujinXx

    Does that mean i have to redownload it btw i downloaded from mega