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  1. Adonis

    hey when i wanna download launcher it leads me to announcements section of discord with no downolads available. Can u help me
  2. Adonis

    Ofcourse i was killing them but here's the thing the dragonball icon didn't show upon the map so u know i couldn't get dragonballs
  3. Adonis

    Hey can u add the feature of hiding worn gauntlets/bracelets cause ur worn dogi hides the top,bottom and the shoes And also i went into the db hunt event there was literally no mob showing signs of dragonball can u do somethin with this lv5/7 bracket please I seriously wanna ssj
  4. Adonis

    Hey why are those dragonball spawn and drop rates so low i mean i am 48lv and fightin 43lv mobs still no sign of mobs with dragonballs,why? And u said there is no db hunt event on thursday but i saw one from 8:00am to 12:30pm.(not complaining tho)
  5. Adonis

    Hey can u please make armour cards workin also popo bank ain't workin
  6. Adonis

    Hey i got some suggestions for ya:- 1. Fix flying takeoff (character gets stuck sometimes in air) 2. AP Bar colour fix 3. Make Dragonball hunt event frequent (like some special days when u can collect dragonballs and make it 24hr) 4. Make Scouter scan dragonballs jus like it scans quests now (like bulma's radar) Well thats all for now i hope u find them helpful
  7. I am tellin ya i don't have the launcher u want me to find in my game folder, i rechecked it and didn't find anythin
  8. Hey sorry i was told that i would get a new launcher but i didn't receive any so could you provide it to me please.
  9. Adonis

    Sry for disturbin ya ,Hey i checked my messages and didnt receive the launcher.
  10. Adonis

    See i am able to get latest updates but that one option is not workin for me
  11. Adonis

    Does that mean i have to redownload it btw i downloaded from mega
  12. Adonis

    Hey can u help me here dumke said there is a new launcher which had a working option of 'remember me' for login can u please provide me the link.
  13. Adonis

    Could you help me out here