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  1. A bit of me: My name is Martin and im 20 years old. Born in Uruguay (South America) raised in Argentina, Italian dad (woking in embassy) and Uruguayan mother. I speak fluid English, Spanish and Italian as well. Mother tongue level. As a plus, i understand Portuguese, so i can comunicate without problems with 95% of the server ppl. Im relatively new to this server (1 month) so i dont have lvl 70 pj yet. But played 2011-2013 in Tw server, and DBOG and i left for obvious reasons wich all must know. So i have done all dungeons, and managed allmost all classes. Why im interested? In first place, i really belive spanish people should have a moderator. There is a claim of racism from some ppl because they are not being heard, lots of them cant speak english do they are not in the oficial Discord or be able to ask moderators or gm. We do all know that there is a huuuge spanish speaking community in the game. I grew up watching Dragon ball, so im a total fan of it. I belive this game is going pretty well, with a hard working staff and that motivates me to help in everything is possible to this matther. Actually im studying Computer Science, so i have a knowleadge of basic programis (since im in the 2 year) such as JS, JAVA, Phyton and C++, for that reason, im close to a computer mostly of the time, so im available most o the time. My hobby is basically playing sports, reading good books, and playing computer games. Previous experience: As im working in software industry, im used to teamwork. I dont have experience moderating online games, but since my dad is a politician since i was a kid i learned to listen to everybody, noone is more important than others and help in everything that i can. That was everyday ideology in my home. I hope you take it into account, so all those players that do not manage the english language and those who wants explanations and have questions and wants to do them in their own language have the possibility. Regards Martin
  2. Martinoo

    Poko Priest

    Poko Priest have great speed, but its attack is extremly weak, dont have any area attacks and sucks in hit rate an dodge. I belive it should be added at least a not so strong PVE attack, so it can be more useable
  3. Multi login will be limited in next new patch notes?
  4. Hello everyone, how are you? I would like to make a humild suggestion. I see that there is a problem with everyone having a lot of pjs. Lots of people makes 4 or even more different classes for themselves. There is a couple or problems with that: 1- The TQM and UD becames useless. People dont just make partys, play with each other. Thet make partys with themselves loosing part of the game sense. Cooperation 2- Monopolize farming zones - This is not a problem no, but its gonna be. Just look what happened to other serves. Instead of making party of 2 or 4 different person, they take a whole zone and a war for the farming spots begin. Imagine 50 players, taking 50 different zones..instead of 25 or 15 3- People cheat in boodokai. They go with a lot of pj and loose with themselves. 4 - The game gets monopolized, same that happends with farming, happends with items. Thats gonna make the game impossible until you make lvl 70, creating a really small couple of players extremly strong, and the rest weak. Thats some of the reason im seeing why this is an error, so i suggest that the launcher doesnt let you if you want to log more than one user. Just one launcher like it was in Taiwan. 5 -
  5. Magnificent!! seems really good and hard work from GM