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    I've maxed out the Flash Slash move on my sm and it only hit one mob at a time, i tried resetting all my SP and im still having an issue.
  2. Hi there My name is Tyrese and I am 18 years old turning 19 soon, My main occupation at the moment is school, I play games frequently and I do kick boxing. I am available weekdays and weekends (Quarantine got me stuck in the house). My motivation is doing what I love most, I like building computers ( busy with a build at the moment) and building computers excites me and makes me want to do even more. I have no experience being a Moderator and I thought now might be a good experience, everybody starts somewhere right? I've been told I'm a funny and chilled guy, mostly chilled though. I am regularly on discord. My writing skills aren't the best, but is understandable. I do have a good amount of knowledge of the game, so I am able to help those that need to be helped. My location : South Africa, Cape Town