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  1. What a GREAT WORK. Thank you!
  2. Raimon

    Good work Gawku!!
  3. Raimon

    They can, but right now there is a lot of work (bugs etc.) before they can add maps..
  4. Raimon

    Nice job boyyyyy<3
  5. Raimon

    Good job! By the way, could you add a photo example for new textures, new hairs etc? I think its much more visible when you read the patch notes Greetings!
  6. Raimon

    Thanks for your amazing work Gawku
  7. Raimon

    GG Gawku nice work
  8. Raimon

    FPS = Frames Per Second Means the fps the game is running. You need 30 or more, other wise you´ll see the game like slowly. (Try to uncap you frame rate because you probably capped it to 30.) The normal FPS nowadays it´s 60-144
  9. Raimon

    Good Work!!
  10. Raimon

    Right now pets doesn´t work ^^
  11. Raimon

    Fly scrolls doesnt work, do the flight quest using any buff to complete it, then do the lvl 30
  12. Raimon

    It worked for me, try to get again the item quest and do not activate it while selecting a NPC (Watch out, maybe you didn´t complete all the quests you need to activate it)
  13. Raimon

    You can´t , but turn low as much as you can all the sound settings (not only the MAIN sound, all the sound settings). It should work. Regards
  14. Raimon

    Sólo tienes que iniciar sesión y darle a actualizar Saludos