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  1. 12 hours ago, Cena90 said:

    Can you get all Dogis from the Dogi capsule?

    No you can't get any dogi, the capsule from TMQ's and Token shop contains the same dogi's as the capsule you get from PopoGift Box at lvl2.


    20 hours ago, kimhealsung said:

    This dogi it is in game ?


    and Explorer hat ?


    Yes the dogi exist in the game, but unobtainable for now.

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  2. TLQ2

    Did that kept happening every time or just a one time thing ? and when you get that message don't forget to click submit bug 😄

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  3. Hello everyone,

    Today i tried the 1st adult budokai and i m here to report some bugs that i encountered:


    -Friends list becomes bugged and shows random people with lvl127 and random numbers

    -potions disappear from skill bar when you teleport to a fight 

    -sometimes you cant tp to match

    -the names in the brackets are blank

    -after the budokai ends, there a  clicking sound that goes away after you restart your game.

    -Friends list becomes empty when you leave the budokai village and you have to relog to fix it.


    Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.