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  1. I am level 35 crafting and I can not consume level 30 recipe for any new recipes I have already consumed the skull gauntlets recipe months ago and now I try to consume the super sonic gauntlets recipe and it wont let me and that goes for any Lv 30 recipes. Really making it hard to want to work on my 2 new characters without being able to craft gear for them 

  2. I spent money on cash shop using cash shop app and have not received in game money after 21 hours now, I have sent 2 messages and a copy of receipt.

    This is something that will cost you users and money, I have spent thousand on games if I enjoy them, hell probably 5k on dcuo.

    I guess making a post is the only way to get get this resolved, glad it wasn't much money and will think twice about spending anymore.

  3. CC bug

    While in CC ability's will stop working if you are Super Saiyan or Kaio-Ken, it will say can't use while in that state after you use ability's a few times.

  4. Just gotta say great job

    DBUR has been back for less then 2 weeks and you almost have bug flight land fixed, that same bug has been in DBOG 2.0 for almost a year.

    This game needed dev's like you, devs that are working on the problems. The best thing I have seen from this game so for is No pay to win through gambling.

    I would like to be able to donate without subscription, I could use some inventory space an show support for game.

    One bug I would like to see fixed is the SS4 style hair. It turns into an afro when you complete adult quest or is this some sort of sick joke

  5. This is the same as DBOG 2.0

    Same flight land glitch, no pets, no aura colors , xp buff shows up white, the only thing different is SS4 style hair that turns into a afro when you become an adult.

    The big difference is in DBOG they give like 10 mill cash shop to start with, LV 30 free, flight free, XP boosters free and inventory upgrades free.

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