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  1. Sora_Heartless

    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Hello, my character is Sora_Heartless level 75 these are pictures about all things that i've farmed. what i would like to get back all my dogis that i've farmed my eng crit damage wand 33% lvl 70 legendary earing cooldown 20 and my 182kk zenis the player Nalac can be a proof i'm playing with him everytime he saw them my equipements box too and the silvers ones they are the screen there's a video of my gear : thank you for helping ^^ 30/07/2021 (if the links doesn't work mp me on discord ) ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
  2. Gohan Face By Sora_Heartless




  3. Hello guys 😄 ! 

    this is my character in game if you want to play with i'm always in ch1 🙂 Mp me 😄 unknown.png?width=413&height=677