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    Going to start this off with some ideas on Crane Hermit. Considering that at the moment we have no real stat changes over this class, I'll provide you with my ideas on how to best utilize what this class has to offer. Keep in mind that I'm not really into the PvP scene and all this comes mostly from my experience in PvE in TW many many years ago. Also the fact that you will be able to reset your skills as many times as you want (as was pointed out by devs), so feel free to experiment, improve and so on. Starting off, Crane Hermit is a class that mostly utilizes its own DOT (Damage Over Time). Attacks have low base attack stat and Crane use both physical and energy attacks but their power comes from setting up bunch of various stats conditions and stunning your enemy in one place till the DOT damage does its thing. Simply put, we shouldn't expect giant damage and dealing with mobs (or players for that matter) quickly - this class takes its time to set up tons of different attacks that provides a lot of damage over time. In addition, Cranes had a few skills removed (for instance, an incredible stun called Lost in Time) back in the day but they might return later on, so the builds might differ in the future. On to the builds we go: First one - to get to the level 30: https://universe.dborevelations.com/tools/skillcalculator/?class=Crane-Hermit&build=41004024001040001020033000000000000000000000000000000 Second one - the one you'll use till the very end: https://universe.dborevelations.com/tools/skillcalculator/?class=Crane-Hermit&build=01001004001000001000030330053256212113211110540100005 And that's about it for today. Feel free to add suggestions or your own ideas in here as I'm definitely not the expert. Furthermore, you can experiment as much as you want and try different builds while leveling up. Good luck and have fun with this interesting class.