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    Hey, I love crane hermit as well so I'd like to add my views on the class, however I'm more experienced with pvp rather than pve. Making a good crane build is tough because there are alot of skills that are useful and it's impossible to get them all in one build. I'll go into debuffs first Now on to skills. Crane Hermits are unique in that their gear does not affect their DoT damage. They do the same bleed with a lvl 1 +0 glove, and a lvl 70 +15 glove, or a lvl 30 +0 fan and a lvl 70 +15 fan. Some people see this as broken since we do high damage with trash weapons, while some people see this as a disadvantage because no matter how much you upgrade your weapons, your DoT damage will remain the same. I am biased towards the class, but having played so many other classes, and noting how much relative effort cranes need to succeed PvP wise, I would say it pays off since we are squishy like all other humans, but dont have the burst they do. We rely on stalling (which requires a lot of accessories) and multiple sets (minimum 3). Having to upgrade all of those sets, and getting all the accessories, while also having to upgrade weapons would be too much comapred to say a fighter who can perform greatly with one highly upgrades dex set, dex accessories and a 1 set of highly upgraded weapons. This is because in order to get stronger damage-wise, cranes rely on accessories and passives instead of weapons. If you want to increase your DPS more than usual, you get CD earrings. But for PvP a crane usually gets stronger by having A LOT of accessories (anti-____, success rate, resistance, etc). atm my three banks are full of accessories and I still don't have enough. But this is a PvE build helper so I wont go much into that. Note: skills in orange are physical while skills in blue are energy based. This means that eng crit % affects DoTs on a critical hit for the blue skills while phy crit % affects the orange DoT crits. Note that upgrading your fan can be useful as it increases your heal, and base damage done by fan skills. Combos: Advanced Tips: This was kinda rushed, an very lengthy, but not organized, so sorry about that. If you have any crane questions you can PM me ingame @Marcaroni and my personal pve build would be: for average pve only