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  1. MaeMae

    Long story short; I'd just repeat myself and I don't feel like replying to those conjectures. You reply way too subjectively to objective matters. So I'd rather close with: this topic itself is useless. Regardless, the majority agrees that bots and multi-clients DID kill DBOG. To each their own, though, right? However. Multi-clients will never be a thing here. And this is the last post here from my part.
  2. MaeMae

    Maybe, maybe not. There are a handful of suggestions about them so far and— honestly? The most likely I can see happening is BlazingBarrager's. It's a good read and we have speculated on it a little if you're interested to give it a look, check it out over here:
  3. MaeMae

    I know, right? I literally did the same mistake with my LVL 33 character, unfortunately. I honestly already had an idea of MMORPG builds and whatnot, but I didn't literally follow any for this; I didn't see the need until the higher levels came up and I was already an energy fighter. And god, how much did I regret it. However, I went as far as even collecting all seven Dragon Balls (once) to wish for the Super Saiyan skill and I was pretty happy about that. However. No matter how much I'd try, it was basically impossible for me to enjoy the experience with the low damage and survivability. Therefore, I actually quit the Taiwanese version and decided to bring MaestroSaiyan back on Hong Kong, where I had my best experience yet; and the one my whole screenshot collection video is about. Oh. And I played as a Turtle Hermit on that one. Definitely smoother for the main character— it's gotta be either that or a Shadow Knight. I wish I'd have been able to play more classes, but sadly the game shut down.
  4. MaeMae

    It is a privilege. Because not everybody has the free time to play that much and waste all of their energies on a multiplayer game. When you offer content, it's true that it must be worked hard for— but there is a line. Also, it's also a technical privilege. Not all computers can withstand five clients at once. Honestly? Nobody is going to buy a whole new machine just to be the best at this game. That's just the nature of what an MMORPG is like. You said it; they are party dungeons. They are supposed to be rallied together with friends or other people you meet; even toxic people are a part of that and must be dealt with accordingly. If your Dende quits, just find another. It is that simple. While with multi-client, people will just lock themselves to dungeons and completely destroy the experience for those who don't have alts because they won't be able to find a Dende/Poko or whatever. That is why I say all you are arguing is simply proving my point. The more you speak of this, the more you can find any and all of your multi-client remarks match the issues I've listed in my first and second post. And that's what killed the game. If there weren't multi-clients, people would have been able to arrange themselves and find somebody else to party with... while, with the way bots and alts had now become radical, it became a rush to who would loot that item without the need of sharing with any teammate. In a few words; multi-clients will never be a thing here and shouldn't. This topic itself is quite useless. The staff has made their point and won't turn back on it. We are here to play an MMORPG. If we wanted multi-clients and solo content, we'd just be out to play Buu's Fury on the GBA. Because that's what it is— an RPG.
  5. MaeMae

    Again, though, you're turning a game that should go off your own pace into something that can be bested only by try hards. Honestly, all you needed to do was basically level up a character that could nuke large pile of mobs as your first character and just farm for yourself and also your other characters. And again, you're just proving all of my points with that last statement: there should be no such thing as solo-ing the world boss or CC50 on your own. They're supposed to be party activities, and using multi-clients like that, is basically killing part of the game. I could confirm for the official servers, but not the private one. Everyone used multi-clients on the private server. I know because I have been there myself. I have been into guilds and there were people with characters like: CharacterName, CharacterNameTwo, CharacterNameThree. Honestly? Everyone did it. Nobody even asked for buffs or heals anymore at some point. Maybe at the beginning of the game, yes. After a while, they just had their own alts. I literally have the mental image of people logging their alt to stand still on Papaya, at the hotel, where all the zombies would be located, while buffing themselves before nuking the whole map. That's not even fair to people who are trying to grind and have no alts, because you're literally tanking the whole territory thanks to those buffs you've just given yourself. That's not how you keep an MMORPG alive. Again, you're actually also confirming my beliefs here. Nobody here should be privileged and able to do something the others can't do. Even because, honestly, if they can't, they will eventually learn or just quit the game. Yet, you've confirmed all of my points in your post. Whether or not everyone would be able to do this, is basically irrelevant. Because you just need to look up anyone's opinion on the Chinese people that did that and they'll tell you: that's outright stupid. Because it is. What does this generate? It's a feeling of uneasiness that eventually makes you question: should I even keep playing this game? There are people who are able to do what I am trying to do, but 220% times better. I tell you what Global was like, by the middle-end of it; an empty mess of nobody. Dungeons were only played by guilds who simply remained closed to themselves with those few active that raided it with their alted buffer/healer/damage dealer and therefore, no matter who you were, if you weren't lucky and your own guild wasn't all active (which is a very important consideration, especially for those who have actual schedules), chances are you wouldn't find anybody to take you to a party and spam dungeons. Why? Because everyone already had the other roles filled with their alts. And it's not a reality that was uncommon. I've lived it myself. People told me to go and make an alt. I did. I brought it to level 30 in one day and then quit the game. Why? Because I didn't want to level up a whole new character to do something I should have already been able to do with my own; hell, how's multi-client supposed to be fun when it takes the multi away from the Multiplayer word? And I will repeat, this is not even a DBO-only fact. This also works out for other MMOs that have now been emulated, such as Star Wars Galaxies. Nowadays, there's about no social interaction— or rather, not nearly as much as it used to back in the original days. Why? Because now you can multi-client on most private servers. Anything you need to make, you just make another character and afk grind it while you do something else. It's literally the same thing here. Multi-clients are an MMO-killer, no matter how hard you try to defend them. They should stay off-limits. Let people group up and need each other to do content. That's the fun of an MMORPG in the first place. Just an example. If not gift boxes, people will find something else to abuse while using multi-clients.
  6. MaeMae

    Nice idea. Even though I must say the story of my name is one I hardly even remember myself, but I will try and translate it down as good as I can, at the moment. It was somewhere around 2011 when I first found out about Dragon Ball Online— or maybe, that wouldn't be too correct, since I had first heard about it on an old website that goes as far back as the Korean release does. I'd call it DBOCOM's predecessor since it didn't nearly update to the 2011 days of the game at all. But yes, basically I had already discovered it a long time ago (and it was populated by PizzaPieDbo's videos), there was no way for anybody to play it, though. For those who don't know, back in the days, you needed a KSSN to register an account on their servers. It was only later after the Taiwan server came up that I finally downloaded it one summer morning and immediately tossed myself into the action. At first, I had created a Spiritualist— I had heard something about there being Turtle Hermits and whatnot, so I immediately connected the dots and realized I could have used the Kamehameha and other iconic DBZ techniques. So. I made one and went as far as level 3 before I was like: man, I want to punch things not throw blasts at them... And so, that was how I created a Martial Artist instead. Reminder, so far, I had only created characters with... very questionable names. I don't remember them and it's probably for the best. I was getting addicted and everything. The game was simple in its nature but at the same time, it was my favorite show: Dragon Ball. Hell, I didn't even have a rush for Super Saiyan at first. I was just enjoying the feeling the starter quests were giving me with the whole early Dragon Ball atmosphere. But, by level 20+ I... dropped this character, too. For one simple reason. The LV UP 33 item was out. You just needed to create a fresh character and wait some hours to get it. I am not sure if you also needed to be level 15 or something to receive it in the mailbox, but yes, I pretty much dropped my other character to boost this one to Level 33. However, this one I decided I wished to be the final. I didn't want to create other characters and I finally wanted to rush those Dragon Balls and get that juicy Super Saiyan transformation. So, when I had to go ahead and pick a name I carefully wondered... what could I name myself? There used to be a video on YouTube. An Italian Crane Hermit, MaestroDelVento, who recorded himself using the Super Saiyan skill. I watched that video a while ago and while I was thinking for my final name it immediately snapped into my mind. So, I simply took that Maestro... and the Saiyan from Super Saiyan. And thus, MaestroSaiyan was born.
  7. MaeMae

    Multi-clienting is a reality that already happened back on the official servers. However, such was in a very... limited environment through the use of third-party software that usually had a limit on the number of clients you could host on your machine. So, the experience was definitely not one too common to the general public and possibly, even Chinese people didn't nearly go as far as they did on that private server. However, let's take a closer look at what actually happens when we allow multi-clients. No need to seek the aid of any kind from other players; aka. Buffers, Healers and etc. Lack of cohesion between the community and individual player. Progression curve running steeper, for the cheaters. Abuse of the features and systems offered and meant to the players for individual use (nearly anything your character gets and can trade to their main— this was done with the gift box back on the private server, allowing people to give themselves the equivalent of seven gift boxes). Ever-flattening experience. So, in a few words: multi-clients annihilate everything that an MMORPG is supposed to be. Remember we're talking about a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game where you are supposed to interact and play with the other players. You can try and take on your own as many things and content as you want, but that's up to your risk. There is no sense in it being a multiplayer game if you're just going to connect your five other characters and spam a whole dungeon yourself. If that's the experience sought, then any other party-based role-playing game might definitely suit said individual better rather than an actual MMORPG.
  8. MaeMae

    I really miss something that's actually akin to what I've experienced there. I hope this will be even better.