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  1. Honestly couldn't ask for a better team. Amazing work as usuall, you guys deserve all the best!
  2. RDamoNR

    Thank you for the patch! Can we have an alternative to change our character's hair since the lv30 broly hair bug seems to not get fixed yet?
  3. RDamoNR

    Thank you ! Would you please look into the Hair Bug after lvl 30? or can we atleast have an option to change our character's look?
  4. RDamoNR

    Thank you SanGawku! By the way, can you please let us know about the state of the Broly hair bug fix? It really sucks to have some unwanted hair on your character.
  5. RDamoNR

    Same here brother i dont know why it's not working, everytime i try to log in it just tell me that i should contact the DBOUR team...