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    there is a new launcher, you can download it here; https://universe.dborevelations.com/download/ also, make sure to join our discord server to know the last news about the server; discord.gg/EXVatKN hope i helped !
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    no problem !
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    this is alpha, the translation has not been implemented, this is just a version of the game run to find out bugs
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    you know i had to do it to him
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    Ok so first off; Android 17 from DBS then a buu saga vegeta; a goku black one: why not some destroyed gi like goku's: A GOD DAMN PRIDE TROOPER ONE: the vegeta badman; piccolo post boy: maybe mecha frieza for frieza race ? the coats in the dbs broly movie !! time patrol outfit: old broly outfit: ssj4 outfits ?: mighty mask outfit : hit outfit : a dbs trunks one: or even from bojack's film: for girls a namek saga bulma : baby vegeta: kefla: now if we're gonna talk about something else than body dogi, we can get to head dogis like bardock's headband: or the majin M with black on the eyes: xeno mysterious mask: or dogis in the back like zamasu: and that'll be all, i hope its not too much... (i know it is) well these were my suggestions thank you !