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  1. Ruddini

    Chosen just 3 of them, fine by me.
  2. Ruddini

    Hopefully you're fast all the time, not slow xD Gotta test it in the evening.
  3. Ruddini

    *Megalovania in the background*
  4. Ruddini

    Well done, surely will help newbies
  5. Ruddini

    Use any buff to set quest to completed after using the scroll, temporary workaround
  6. Ruddini

    Hope you have proper scouter, make sure just in case.
  7. Ruddini
  8. Ruddini

    I was 47 and got 6 if i remember right.
  9. Ruddini

    I bet SSJ Blue has just more requirements like another pack of DBs or stuff, i'm only assuming.
  10. Ruddini

    SSJ still needs DBs if i'm correct.
  11. Ruddini

    2-3 hours ago i got disconnected and now my launcher shows "Patch error" and repair button doesn't work. What do i do?
  12. Ruddini

    Downloading already! EDIT: The hype is real
  13. Ruddini

    I'm a ginger/redhead, and in my language it's "Rudy", so i just accepted it and upgraded a bit adding Harry Houdini xD