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  1. First thank you guys for your work and always trying to make the game better. Not trying to be ungrateful for your work but there are somethings that i think they are worst then they were. Client is slower then it was before for me, now we can't multi client while we are ingame which sucks because if we want to login another char we need to log out the ones that are ingame and lose ssj for example, and the mobs movement think they stop follow us so easily now when we are farming that makes it harder and a bit annoying because we try to stack the most mobs we can to farm and they easily go away and not following us even sometimes (more exactly im talking about chan chan jungle spot where i farm a lot the experience of farming is worst that it was). This is my opinion hope it helps for you guys work on it and make it as better as you can. And one more time thank you very much for your work to all the staff who works to make the game better ^^
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    My problem is other way around i have the a gtx1660 super aswell and im getting like 400-500fps and i think is pushing to much for my grapich card which starts to make a loud sound everytime i run the game and also i try to cap it and it doesnt work is anyway i can fix it? In some places i even get more then 1000fps like characters screen