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  1. Thanks for the help but can I trouble you for a little hint on where's the location of the 2nd Murasaki is located please?
  2. As the title says I've tried using explosives from a drop I got in UD1 but that doesn't work I've tried googling it but nothing helpful comes up. I got through the 1st door with the explosives from 1 of the Murasaki brothers at the front but couldn't backtrack after I went through to progress to the 2nd door to turn in a quest. But I've tried killing several monsters & they don't drop explosives to use & as I've wondered around there I've never seen a quest giver for a 2nd explosives to use for the 2nd door.
  3. Nice going with this patch the quest navigation feature is very useful. I'd still like to see the life/magic pills become more useful by shortening the cooldown time for them. I mean they're supposed to be very useful items for when you're low on LP/EP but as soon as you use 1 of them 1of it's type causes all it's type to go on cooldown & then by the time the fight is over if you survived the cooldown time might be close to done & you can use the pills again. I'd like their cooldown time to both be separate from each other example being life pills L doesn't cause life pills X to start cooldown time as well I. I'd also like for all pills to have a cooldown time that's no longer than 12.0Sec so that they can be used more than 1 time in a battle.
  4. Thanks for the quick response and answering my question
  5. Oh ok so I just press caps lock & it does auto loots zeni & rare items?
  6. I'd lie to know if caps lock is still being used to auto loot & if so how to customize the filter because I tried looking in options but couldn't find anything. I tried looking in the forums on this website but couldn't find anything on how just that it was mentioned in a patch, but not how to do it I also tried googling it but couldn't find anything through that either.
  7. I've already done what the quest asked me to do but it won't go to complete status. The quest asked me to sprint while flying & I activated sprint while flying & had sprint flight on until the scroll deactivated & I couldn't fly anymore. I tried logging out & then logging in again. I tried exiting the game & restarting it I tried switching channels but none of them worked. Edit: for some reason no idea why it just went to complete status.
  8. Because I didn't have anyone to do the mail tutorial I didn't know that I wasn't able to just click on the item's icon & everything else gave me the impression that I'd loose the items & Zeni from the auction house. So I just decided to take a chance on the icon that says there is a cost for attaching Zeni/items & I got it back that way. Since it didn't say that I would receive items that way as well in the help menu I had no idea what it would do beyond sending mail to someone else.
  9. No not it's not full & I did try refreshing it but same problem.
  10. Can't access my items or Zeni from mail there's no error message I tried exiting and launching the game again 3 times but nothing changed.