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    Does anyone in this forum give a fuck? or what?1 week now i have post this no answer
  2. lp_fan_1

    Hello can you somehow change the time in Budokai Adult Solo because they are kinda bad for Europe timezone.I have never been able to participate in any of adult solo in frinday and in sunday..the one on friday is 9:00 am..kinda early for people in europe because a lot have work and other school..few hours ahead would be great for friday..also for sunday its 4:00am which is just bad..there is no way to be awake at that time.The only event i can participate is the party budo which is 06:00pm which is the only i can join..i have like 1000 hours in the game and i cant join in a budo solo yet..
  3. lp_fan_1

    let make this clear...at the current state its worse than dbog..it needs to fix a lot bugs..i know of course its alpha version and it looks like this project has the best potential of all the projects out there..it has major bugs right now to make a comparison with dbog..all we have to do is just wait and see how they will work from now on..dont rush to make comparison and such things because only time will show..