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  1. Lunfardo17

    It's absurd, take my ban off.
  2. Lunfardo17

    For no reason or reason, I was banned from discord after being inactive for 1 month. My Discord is Pescado# 1684
  3. Lunfardo17

    Where is that?
  4. Lunfardo17

    Where is that?
  5. Lunfardo17

    TurtleStyle Desembarcamos aquí también, ya hay muchos de la guild entrando para reportar bugs, probar el server y colaborar. Por el momento, solo informamos que cuando comience una fase del server más estable, estaremos creando la guild para quien desee pertenecer. Pronto daremos más información....
  6. Lunfardo17

    Having it defined, it would save time in the future xd
  7. Lunfardo17

    A title that does not belong to any attribute, seems to me the best. Or a special pet. Basically a pretty decoration would be this "founder pack" It is my humble opinion. Google Translator my god.