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  1. ElSeriouseCake

    that's up to the team to decide, i will just leave this one here.
  2. ElSeriouseCake

    change story? who said we changeing story, story will go same as dbz with couple of time breaker alters, hate to say it , almost as xenoverse, now u telling me xenoverse custom created'd character's didn't have other forms? didn't think so. also no ,it's confirmed that tall buu was the strongest form of majin buu, as he had a mind in that form to think, while kid buu was a child and knew no thing. also who the hell said super buu need's people to absorb to be stronger lol , he was bodying the z fighters at kami lookout , and gave them time for goten & trunks to train and see if they can try & give him a good fight Remember? i can keep giving you facts if you insist.
  3. ElSeriouseCake

    not sure what version of dbo you played but, raditz is the easiest boss to beat up that's where new content comes to action, we our self's got to figure something for namekian's to have and for notes majin buu (tall one) was stronger than kid buu, that's proven in anime/manga/paint.exe/discord/skype/facebook anywhere lol , now for the Evil buu , he smacked fat buu like no thing so we didn't see much of him, as for nameks again like i said we can figure some stuff for nameks.
  4. ElSeriouseCake

    Well , if the game was still alive today by the Original Dev's , with no doubt there would be at least 1 new form for each race, cause u know advertisement and money grab, but since this client is not money grab related, that might be true , but still story wise, look at it this way : if tmq keeps going , u are not going to defeat Cell , or BUU as a normal ssj. or a giant namek , even for pure majin it needs the other forms like buff majin , and evil one, TMQ was the path for CAC's to either get a new form or not, sadly game died before that so we got stuck with basic forms, now why did majins get kid buu & not other forms? i think that's the Question you should ask your self.
  5. ElSeriouseCake

    i look at it this way, if Gohan can go ssj2 and even unleash his potential to be stronger than Ssj3, as a half blood , and if Trunks can somehow get some God ki and fight against black & zamasu as a half blood, and if Pan can go into space as a little child, i am certain that we can manage some forms for the current race, after all, the power they got was a wish from Shenron and Shenron didn't say i'll let your hair turn blond for no reason, probably has to do with him making their bloody more Saiyanish, we never got the explanation about Shenron "transformation" wish, so like i said , until more feed back about this is set, wait till TMQ/UD.
  6. ElSeriouseCake

    Maybe Wait on This topic until constant new content is Available for TMQ/Dungeons.
  7. ElSeriouseCake

    that Dude suggested Everything lmao