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  1. Character name is SagusX Race: Human Zeni: 250k Level 75 + SSJ transformation + all htbs + all dragon buffs + all crane hermit skills and regular skills max Dogis: Yellow Wings Vegito Dogi Aloha Green Dogi Yellow Halo Zamasu Black Dogi Red Business Dogi Sunglasses Items: +6 bacterian fan, +6 max gear on gloves and the rest Almost max crafting level, as in one level halfway to final crafting level. Pictures below for context cause there's a lot of things that left my mind on this crane hermit build.
  2. Well botting is terrible but I used to multiclient back when I was a kid with this game cause basically I hated the fact that I'd get one dragon ball per weekend and sometimes not get any for weeks. As soon as I db slaved dinos, instant tier 2 drops. I'm sorry but I'll probably just use my 10 years old workstation and my gaming laptop for dragon ball hunting now that I make enough money to do that. All of the private servers seem to be making the process of db hunting harder(some appear to be decreasing drop rates lower than retail like madlads) and the buff that super saiyan gives is worth the extreme drain.
  3. I had left here for like forever and came back to check due to curiosity. To me it's like this game server project came out of nowhere and pulled through.