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  1. Ph0enix

    I had read them and I was following them... That's why I didn't understand the ban. Thank you for sorting out this mess. Nemix, though I shouldn't... My name is different for a multitude of reasons. The only important one being how old this account it, and ot being part of the name of my DBO guild back when it was officially running.
  2. Ph0enix

    Thank you very much. I appreciate that you're very busy, so thank you for taking the time to personally look into the matter.
  3. Ph0enix

    My discord name is macdaddymario. Yesterday I talked to one core member, and one mod staff about a transparency bug on the launcher for Win7, and then the log in issues. Past that, I haven't said anything to anyone, in game or even in the discord. So I'm just trying to learn the reason for the ban. If needed, I can supply a picture from the bot with the message.
  4. Ph0enix

    I just joined yesterday, and have only spoken to 2 members in the support channel. Woke up to a PM from the bot saying "You can go play dbog :D" Just kinda figured you'd need a reason, or at the very least share the reason for a banning with the person being banned.