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    Any Zeni Amount up-to 200kk (200,000,000 Zeni): 122kk name: MOMSTOUCH Levels 70 fighter, male ,black short hair, blue android eyes, white skin Crafting Levels Shenron wishes 2rings, 2 earrings , buffs transformation Transformations every transfromation Dragon Buffs 5kinds of buff Items (stat rolls are unfortunately not feasible) Weapons lv 65 glove +17 with 27 crit lv 70 Bacterian stick with 31 crit +17 Armor Omega Rare Top 28 focus +16 upgraded Omega Rare Pants 28 Focus +15 upgraded Omega Rare Boots 28 Con + 16 upgraded Accessories Cell-Earrings cooldown reduction 26 x2 Cell-X Rings con 20 x2 Kraken Rings Focus 17 x2 (Case by Case basis for specific items) URP (will be handled without this form, unless you had paid for, and never received) Account playtime (visible on the user control panel) dogi: android 17 ,angel ring, turtle bag, arere wing sorry my english is not good. i might spell something wrong