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    Included in the Download We now have an Installer which asks you install all the prerequisites, before installing the game to preferred location. If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that. If you do download another version you will need to uninstall the current install. Added Wagu Capsules (Wagu Machine Capsules) These Replace Gamble Capsules. Basically Wagu Machines. Silver Boxes have been added to Shenron. Low grade Gamble Box for Dragon Hunt High grade Gamble Box for Scramble Break has been removed from Upgrade High rates until +13 where rates drop drastically. Great Namek Duration is now unlimited has an EP drain, if less than 10% transformation ends Increased Zeni rewards from Shenron x10 increase on both Scramble and Dragon Hunt New Emote effects/sounds on Clap and Sad Added four Beards/Moustaches Walrus, Verdi, Ducktail and Dutch These work for both genders and all three races. Only Walrus works for Majin Male needs his own specific models. Added Super Saiyan 2 Has Hairs done for Human male Hairs 1-8 Added Super Majin Male and Female Mighty has Blue eyes, Wonder has Red Eyes New Voice files for both Male and Female Majin Size is close to canonical as possible Can use all skills from master class and base class Slightly Increased Auto Range for Wonder Super Majin Added Ultimate Namekian Has Red eyes on transform can use all skills from master class and base class has increased animation speed. Stage 2 Transformations can be Unlocked from Both Scramble and Hunt Dragon Balls Requires previous Transformation Requires Level 65 Great Namekian can now use additional skills Dragon Clan Antenna Beam Warrior Mystic Attack Charging Fist Great Namekian can now also Dash and Jump Pure Majin can now also Dash Pure Majin and Great Namekian Lv1 Skills require no SP LV2+ require SP however Increased the melee attack range for Martial Artist, Mighty Majin and Warrior from 2 > 3 Brand new Textures for Yahhoi East, Yahhoi West, and Namek biomes. Grass, Stone and Dirt Textures have been improved. Experience required per crafting level has been reduced by 25% across levels 11-49. CC Battle Dungeon has been squashed from 150 Floors to 90. Bosses are every three floors instead of five. Tickets have been adjusted. Gift Boxes have been completely overhauled Brand new gifts, such as a level up 25 stone for those who reach level 65. Poko Dragons got another level, they are now level 70 dragons, at character level 70. You can now summon both land and sky dragons. Stats on these dragons are subject to change Auto Attack speed has been capped. You can now enter Party Budokai as a party as small as one. Bee Event can now run up-to 24 hours now previously capped at 6-12hrs Unstuck has been reworked If used in overworld, it will work as it always has. If used in a dungeon, or instance, it will return you back to the beginning. If this bugs out in anyway, please report it to any staff member. Added new Namekian Texture colors Default Green Olive Manga Piccolo Tanned Green Dark Green Black Lemon Tundra Purple Blood Orc Added Vulkan DirectX as the default renderer Adds considerable improvements to FPS https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk Heavily reduced the cost of repairing gear. Dragon Soul Buffs can now be used after Transforming into any of the Transformations. NEW COSMETICS All Available Cosmetics are now viewable and purchasable in the Cash Shop Vehicles, Masks, Dogi, Back items, Hair, and Halo. Transformation Stage 2 Bio Electricity Titles Hybrid Saiyan Boo's Progeny Demonic Conflict Added all Chinese Zodiac Vehicles Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Bunny, Horse, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig Added all Pirate Skiffs Red, Orange, Purple and Green. Added all Flying Saucers Blue, Orange, Purple, Green Added Three more Speeding Beasts Orange, Purple, Green Added Time Breaker Masks Time Breaker Bardock Regular and Broken Time Breaker Broly Added Summer Fun Cosmetics Pool Donuts Chocolate, Pink, Rainbow, Half Eaten Pink and Chocolate Surfboards Flamingo Porunga Shenron Wave Swimsuits & Summery Hats Finished, just not accessible in the patch. Added Azula Commissioned Dogi Added Buster Sword Commissioned Weapon Added Xenoblade Commissioned Blade Added Time Patrol Goku to all races Added Pride Trooper Added Teen Gohan Added Tien Added Xeno Gogeta Added GT Goku for all races Added End of Z Goku for all races Added Xeno Goku to all races Added new Item type [DBOUR Exclusive] Added Saiyan Battle Armor Added Power Pole Fighter Dende Added Two and Three star Dragon Ball Backpack to Token Shop Added Time Breaker Drone to Token Shop Added Xeno Vegeta Dogi for all races Added Xeno Vegito Dogi for all races Added Saiyaman Outfit and Helmet to Token Shop 600 for Outfit 300 for Helmet Added Shenron Cap Added Hollow Mask Added Goku Wig Added Vegeta Infant Backpack Added SSJ4 Wig for Females View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ doesn't give Experience Super Majin can crash the client if returning to lobby while transformed. Missing Shenron Text for non English locales (it's at the very bottom) Character and Account restoration hasn't happened yet, I'm currently unwell with the flu. Will begin when I'm better, so until then, I've reopened the thread so you can still submit your claim. Fixed ASSERT MISSING RESOURCE: Radar Crash Potentially Fixed Baby Goku Character Crash Fixed Bacterian Gem Crash Budokai Crash both Party and Solo Should no longer crash, if it does, submit dbolog.txt found in DBOUR/GAME/ Fixed Crash relating to light maps Fixed Crash on Effects missing on Certain Axes Bitter Tea (Dodge Pot) has been decreased from 30 minute Cooldown to 5 minutes Great Namekian has the size increased by .5% You will no longer be knocked out of vehicles when entering combat You can still take damage. Fixed Scouter and Weapons be left behind after transforming, or using a vehicle Should no longer have case sensitive usernames on the launcher. Remove outline from appearing while in a vehicle such as Saiyan pod. Notice from joining a Ranked Battle Queue is now appropriate correct Fixed Dragon Ball backpack always being visible. Fixed Flash Slash, now hits multiple targets again Increased width from 4->6 units wide. Fixed Crane DoT Explosion skills from instakilling the caster always. Fixed Crane DoT Explosion skills from never lighting up or showing cooldown Ranked Scoreboard has been reset, It's new season ya'll. You will not be kicked out of Super Saiyan two until EP is less than 5% All Mobs over 200k have had their LP proportionally decreased by 50% Fixed Adult head on Namekian Child, he grew into it. Glasses, Masks and beards are now correctly scaled to fit all races and classes. Increased Swimming Speed from .5 to .75 Don't clear buffs when entering a dungeon, such as CCBD. Disable HTB and Spin moves when in Super Majin, due to Balance and not client stability. Corrected some popup messages. Fix missing shadows and broken decals Fix broken flight aura Added a Brighter Yellow Hue to Super Saiyan Two Added Physics to Super Saiyan Two Pony-tail hairstyle Disabled the use of Kami's Healing Technique in Budokai. Great Namekian now has a sound cue for loss of transformation. HTB's now have icons when wishing for them. added Sky dungeon language tag as it was missing from the text files CC Dungeon Potions now correctly show all places it's disabled. Fixed Stat boosting potions icons, as they were corrupted. Vehicle prices were decreased across the board. Tons of skill and animation sounds have been returned HTB KD, Damage Taken, etc. Ask Popo Exhausted (Super Saiyan, Super Majin, after Spin) Great Namekian loss of Transformation Damage Taken while in water some Emote sounds Ask Popo now has a working animation for all classes. Changed the hover text from "This skill isn't learnable" to "This skill is learnable" as this was a remnant from the old skill learning system. Decreased the price of the Deadly Sins Aura Decreased the price of the z20 in the token shop from 2200 to 1800 Decreased the price of the z24 in the token shop from 2800 to 2400 80% chance of failure when upgrading from +13 -> +17 Added occlusion culling back to the game from better performance Added correct checking for scouter detach/reattach Fix Great Namekian State issues Fixed Missing Effects on Certain Upgrade Levels Add Adjust move Position Event So Client should stay synchronized a little better. Slightly decreased Super Saiyan animation speed boost Slightly Increased Super Saiyan 2 animation boost over what Super Saiyan's was Fixed Ranked Battle for Players over level 70 Vehicles have been fixed Vehicles have also had increase in speed to match our increased movement speed. Dark Blue Angel wings are now dark blue Retired Hidden Supplies, Portable Mini Fridge and Oil Heater Backpacks in favor of better backpacks. Fixed RP Boomerang Pig Texture UV Mapping Fixed missing dialog windows for all languages that aren't English such as training point and hair salon Fixed all missing GUI text for non English languages such as training point and hair salon. Removed Gamble Caps Fixed Several Typos Fixed Several Item Descriptions Fixed Transparency on 11~ Dogi (17 Ranger, 18DBS, Pride Trooper, Teen Gohan, Tien, Xeno Gogeta, Broly Armor, EoZ Goku, Goku GT, Kale and Soldier) Updated Mini-map to include the lookout Patched Poko's Kami Awakening, so it can now be used on your dragons. Added u60 white stones to the token shop Added icons to all WP craft Dogi You can now use Ask Popo! while transformed Added Backpacks to the Token shop at 400 each Dojo ownership has been reset. Fixed a non-existent effect error Fixed Sorrow Aura name, position and color. Metric gigaton of refactoring and more minor bug fixes. Experience and Zeni rates have been increased by 25% when in a party instead of being decreased. Tons more skill changes, almost every skill, which are still in progress and will get their own special patch for, some will be included in this patch, and you're welcome to figure them out, but they will be noted in the next patch notes.
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    Included in the Download We now have an Installer which asks you install all the prerequisites, before installing the game to preferred location. If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that. If you do download another version you will need to uninstall the current install. Until we put up a new installer you will need this launcher. https://dbour.xyz/DBOURLauncherUpdate.zip You can now clear the cache on your own characters using @reload use this after using "FIX" from the user control panel or after being asked by a staff member. Bitter Tea, Turtle Book, and Autopots are now disabled in Budokai. Dragon Ball Hunt is now 18 hours a day. https://universe.dborevelations.com/forum/calendar/4-event/ Starting at 1am Server Time Sunday, starting one hour later each day to 6am Server Time, on Saturday. Dragon Ball Hunt is now also enabled on Thursday as it previously wasn't. NEW COSMETICS God of Destruction For all races and genders now Several Commission Pieces Bababi's Majin Mark Mask Teen Gohan (Piccolo/Blue) Xeno Gotenks Dogi for all races and classes View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ doesn't give Experience Fixed Crashed due to unable to read skill table F5 crashing the client, due to the client thinking it was still in lobby. Fixed several kid sounds from using their adult sounds instead Including Pure Majin's Charge Changed the main world spawn location from "the mountains" to eureka park Fixed Flash Slash for now Fixed Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 for Hair 19 on Human Male Child & Adult Fixed the attachment of the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan Two Hairs on Human Male Childs Changed the design on the launcher Patching information show be a lot more visible now Using the launchers auto updater again it should now automatically ask to run as administrator now. no more patching failures due to that. Vulkan is now opt in. Click Enable Vulkan on the launcher to test it out. To learn more about this Vulkan implementation check out https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API) Hellzone Grenade should now work inside Ultimate Namekian for Dark Warrior. Time between matches and sign up is now 5 minutes instead of 10. We might revert this back, it was just in the idea of speeding up the delay between matches Serverside improvements and fixes Dragon Ball Hunt drop rate decreased to 4% from 8% on all common mobs Add preliminary error handling for items that are unhandled.
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    Included in the Download We now have an Installer which asks you install all the prerequisites, before installing the game to preferred location. If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that. If you do download another version you will need to click repair on the current install. When a GM event is now active, you will be able to teleport to the host. Typing @event <host's name> (example @event Dumke) this command will be able to be used during any event. You can now visually see whose the event manager by their Event Manager title now. GM commands to add mechanics to GM hosted events Party Experience is now correctly applying 25% more experience to all party members in range. Boss event icon is now visible Display logic has been fixed Majin kill counter added on click updated every 10 kills. Honey Bee Event is now 21 hours a day. Added a second channel Fish and Fairy event has been disabled. Yay? they might return some day. You can now put items up on the auction house for multiple days. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and 7 days. *all lowercase Halloween Promotional Event, if you wish to top up your URP, you can do so with this coupon code for 25% off exclusively with ko-fi Valid until 3rd November 2021 NEW COSMETICS Uub Dogi For all races Several Commission Pieces GT Pan Dogi Vegeta Wig Janemba Event Sword Piccolo dogi tweaks. View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience Fixed missing animations crash Fixed guild creation crash Fixed missing skill table crash Fixed Backpack crash (I hope) Baby Goku & Vegeta, Summer Backpacks Fixed Budokai NULL value crash/bug Fixed Infinite SP Bug If you were affected by this bug, you will need to skill reset to get the SP Back. If you are unable to login, you will need to @reload on a second character. Disabled event loot drop event loot to inventory takes it place instead for better reward distribution Added readme to media folder for launcher Which will explain launcher customization. if you want to put the entire bee movie in as your launcher background, feel free. Removed skill rest warning that you can only do it once a week, as it's wrong. Removed tons of buggy effects on items that aren't suppose to have them. Backpacks are being a bit strange right now, some items are ignoring scaling, while others are just like supersize me bro. so, for now, they're just doing what they want. Added Halloween event capsules and bosses. Revert decreased time between budokai rounds. Fixed HTB2 skill use bug. If you're affected by this, contact staff. Added extra logic to CCBD for GM Debugging. Fix the popups for Dragon Ball Hunt and Honey Bee events to be more readable. Corrected the text formatting on Weekend EXP announcement. Fixed the ASC and DESC buttons on the auction house Hopefully the population tracker is now fixed on https://dbour.xyz/home
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    IMPROVEMENTS BABY! Fixed an issue where silver boxes was displaying incorrect stats post prop removal. Tweaked movement to push a fix and further analyze issues causing certain skills that stun opponents to not activate. Increased the tax on items offered for sale in AH : 1% TO 5% . This will Prevented players from putting excessive prices on items that are easy to obtain. Removed the dogis you have created from the cash shop and put them back in the Wagu capsules as before. For 60 - 69, increase the repair price by 2,000 zenis per item For 70+ stuffs, increase the repair price by 5,000 zenis per item RP-ball price : 950 Zenis to 5,000 Zenis Turtle book price : 1,000 zenis to 5,000 zenis Bitter Tea price : 1,000 zenis to 5,000 zenis Created other things for the other classes (I can work on it) Reduced the number of loot that falls, you make money too easily by reselling the gears that you drop during the farm. For the new dogis, do not put them in the cash shop to keep its rarity, the prices will be up and force some players to consume their zenis Air Capsule Machine CL-70 prices : 10 000 zenis to 50,000 zenis Auto pot S (100 000) prices : 200,000 zenis in addition to honey bee Auto pot M (300 000) prices : 500,000 zenis in addition to honey bee Auto pot B (500 000) prices : 1,000, 000 zenis in addition to honey bee These aren't the final changes. More to continue when further testing and feedback is given. HUMANS Martial Artist : Spirited Roar : penalizing against physical players, which is why we reduce the loss of defense. On the other hand, for balance, we also reduce the damage. lvl : 7 > 5 Increases Physical attack by : 10% > 13% > 16% > 19% > 22% > 25% > 30% Energy defense decreased % : 5% > 8% > 11% > 14% > 14% > 20% > 25% TO Increases Physical attack by : 10% > 13% > 16% > 20% > 25% Energy defense decreased % : 5% > 7% > 9% > 11% > 15% Prepared to Roar : Same pb for defence Physical defense decreased : 5% > 10% > 15% > 20% TO Physical defense decreased : 5% > 8% > 12% > 15% Kidney shot : Stun Duration : 3 > 4 > 5 > 7 sec TO 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 sec Quick attack : Range : 25M TO 10 > 15 > 20 > 25M Spiritualist : Speed Restrain : simply OP. Because the classes playing this spell have other spells that reduce speed movement. Impossible to move when it is cumulated. Duration : 16 > 18 > 20 > 22 sec Movement decreased : 80% > 80% > 80% > 90% TO Duration : 8 > 9 > 10 > 15 sec Movement decreased : 50% > 55% > 65% > 75% Bug fixed: EP Recovery : I think this spell needs to be replaced because nobody uses it. As the movement reduction has been nerfed, to tip the balance back, I suggest replacing it with another spell. New Spell : Description : Steal EP to Enemy Level : 4 EP Steal : 25% > 50% > 75% > 120% ADD Range : 20M Fighter : Thunder : just stun and kill SK or ultimate in 5 sec. KEEP THE OLD STATS Increases Attack speed % : 50% Increases Physical damage % : 10% Increases Movement Speed %: 30% STAY : the spell can be used on SSJ1 and SSJ2 (The spell can already Pass the CAP Speed). Ki burst : this liability is never used. Reduce Ep cost : 15 > 19 > 25 > 32 > 41 TO Reduce Ep cost : 15 > 19 > 25 > 32 > 41 Add Energy crit rate : 5 > 8 > 11 > 14 > 17 High Speed Needle : minor nerf Physical Damage% : 362% > 398% > 434% > 471% TO Physical Damage% : 340% > 378% > 414% > 440% Super High Speed Needle : more damage for short CD Physical Damage% : 447% > 492% > 537% > 581% > 626% TO Physical Damage% : 410% > 448% > 474% > 501% > 560% Swordsman : Burning Attack : we make the swordman energy look more interesting. On the other hand we remove the RP damage which makes the spell broken. Energy Damage (inc. when crit) : 304 > 354 > 415 > 489 > 575 > 676 Energy Damage % (inc. when crit) : 164 > 181 > 197 > 213 > 230 > 246 TO Energy Damage % (inc. crit) : 204 > 223 > 243 > 273 > 338 > 422 Burning every 2 sec : 58 > 78 > 92 > 115 > 148 > 180 Bug Fixed : Remove RP DAMAGE. Scintillation : stack a lot OP. Cooldown : 300 Sec TO Duration : 90 Sec Yield : I think the swordsman will be more interesting in PVE with this minor improvement Maximum LP decreases by 10% > 14% > 18% TO 10% > 15% > 20% Focused Gravity Break : minor up for damage and increased range. Energy Damage% : 208% > 229% > 250% > 271% > 292% Range 10M TO Energy Damage% : 210% > 235% > 255% > 275% > 313% Range 20M Increase Critical Hit Rate : Hybrid Choose Increases Physical Critical Hit Rate by : 5 > 8 > 12 > 17 TO Increases Physical Critical Hit Rate by : 5 > 8 > 12 > 17 Add - Increases Energy Critical Hit Rate by : 5 > 8 > 12 > 17 Slash Flash : penetrating doesn't work. So we need to improve our skills. “Penetrate” Damage% : 193% > 213% > 232% > 251% > 271% TO “Penetrate” Damage% : 198% > 220% > 245% > 265% > 300% Focused Kamehameha : up the range. Range 10M TO Range 25M Glaring Slash : because remove Attribute. Decreases Attack/Defence attribute : 16 > 18 > 20 > 23 > 26 > 30 TO Decreases Physical/Energy defense% : 9 > 10 > 11 > 12 > 14 > 16 Turtle Hermit : Turtle Rod Strike : The problem with this spell is the reduction of movement. When used with the Speed Restrain, it is impossible to move for several seconds. The goal is to nerf the reduction. On the other hand, for the spell to remain useful. Energy Damage% : 141% > 153% > 164% > 177% > 197% All enemies within 4M of the target on 32 target Movement Speed decreased by 4 TO Energy Damage% : 142% > 166% > 189% > 226% > 286% All enemies within 8M of the target on 32 target Spirit Rod : Same problem as Turtle Rod Strike. Duration of slow : 13 sec Energy Damage : 181% > 187% > 200% > 214% > 228% All enemies within 6M of the target on 32 target Movement Speed decreased by 4 TO Duration of slow : 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8 sec Energy Damage% : 182% > 200% > 228% > 246% > 288% All enemies within 8M of the target on 32 target Movement Speed decreased by 3 Crane Hermit : Fan out : yes, you got it, the problem is the same as the turtle's, accumulating 2 or 3 movement reduction completely prevents a physical player from moving. Movement Speed decreased by 3 removed Master Fan out : same pb. Duration : 10 sec Movement Speed decreased by 3 > 3 > 3 > 3 > 4 TO Duration : 12 sec (V1.0 > 8 +4) Movement Speed decreased by 3 Thousand Slashes : To OP (PVE) % explosion of Dots : 70% TO % explosion of Dots : 60% Freeze : Too Long for PVP. Useless in PVE Duration : 18 > 20 > 25 TO Duration : 5 > 8 > 15 Graceful Backstab : To OP (PVE). Lp Reduce % : 26 > 29 > 33 TO Lp Reduce % : 20 > 25 > 30 Try Beam Canon : In compensation for the cranium nerves, we are adding a burn on one of its important spells to make it more accessible against anti bleeding players. Cast : 3 sec Removed - Energy Damage : 450 > 547 > 666 > 823 > 1012 > 1246 Energy Damage% : 322 > 369 > 418 > 470 > 525 > 582 TO Cast : 2 sec Energy Damage% : 222 > 269 > 318 > 370 > 425 > 482 Add - Burn : 90 > 100 > 110 > 120 > 130 > 140 MAJINS Mighty Majin : Evade Up : Dodge is useless. Increases Dodge Rate : 39 > 74 > 127 TO Increases Dexterity : 8 > 12 > 17 Shield : Let's increase the number of prevented damage to make the spell more interesting to play in PVE and PVP. Prevent Damage : 507 > 797 > 1156 TO Prevent Damage : 1000 > 1500 > 2000 Enchanting Breeze: Because remove the property. Reflect physical/energy damage : 3 > 6 > 9 TO Change - Add physical/energy damage rate % : 3 > 6 > 10 Provoke : reduces the time of the taunt to facilitate the mighty's tank. Cooldown 45 > 42 sec To 42 > 38 sec Wonder Majin : Spiritual Power-Up : Unlike the turtle and spiritualist buff, this one gives almost no damage stats. Increases Energy Attack : 5 > 8 > 12 > 17 TO Increases Energy Attack : 11 > 16 > 28 > 37 Unbreakable Elastic : This spell is problematic for burst classes in Energy. It only takes one spell to end the fight. On the PVE side, it is not really useful because the class is not often played as a tank. Reflect Energy Damage : 50% > 90% > 150% TO Reflect Energy Damage : 25% > 50% > 80% Poisonous Dark Beam : The spell has a low debuff and low damage. Debuff is more interresting Poison Damage Every 2 Seconds : 10 > 20 > 30 Energy Defense decreased : 86 > 143 > 225 TO Poison Damage Every 2 Seconds : 15 > 25 > 40 Energy Defense decreased : 180 > 340 > 520 Ultimate Majin : Miraculous Body : This spell is not really useful compared to the other buffs provided by our buffer. This is why I propose to increase the LP. Increased Max LP : 482 > 593 > 743 > 915 > 1142 TO Increased Max LP : 483 > 740 > 1102 > 1524 > 2146 Musical Mastery : Increases Energy : 6 > 12 > 21 > 34 > 51 > 74 TO Add - Increases Dexterity : 6 > 10 > 16 > 22 > 28 > 35 Miraculous Fitness : Increases Atk/Def property : 6 > 7 > 9 >13 > 18 TO Change - all damage rate % : 5 > 6 > 8 > 10 > 13 Add - Burn Defense : 15 > 30 > 45 > 60 > 90 Detoxifying Breeze : avoid spam. Cooldown : 12 sec TO Cooldown : 20 sec Double Dynamite Horn : avoid spam. Cooldown : 12 sec TO Cooldown : 16 sec Grand Chef Majin : Spiritual Scent : need to up for more interesting.. Increases Max EP : 270 > 396 > 557 > 754 Increases EP regeneration : 18 > 27 > 38 > 51 TO Increases Max EP : 300 > 550 > 800 > 1050 Add - Increases EP recovery every 2 seconds : 25 > 50 > 75 > 105 Rising Strength : As I was saying, we need to make up for the lack of hit rate on the Big Boss, so I propose to add extra stats on the Passive. Increases Strength : 10 > 15 > 22 > 30 TO Increases Strength : 15 > 22 > 30 > 42 Increases Focus : 8 > 12 > 16 > 20 Karma Majin : Hesitation : this spell lasts for 23 seconds, enough to not play at all during the game... In exchange, you can reduce your level to let karma place your points elsewhere Duration of prevent : 10 > 12 > 14 > 16 > 18 > 23 TO Duration of prevent : 4 > 6 > 8 > 10 > 12 > 15 Anger Explosion : Need more range, it’s an explosion Spell ! All enemies within 10 > 12 > 14 > 16 > 18M on 32 Target TO All enemies within XXM on 32 Target 12 > 15 > 18 > 21 > 25 Playful Doll : 40 seconds duration at max level? It's crazy! Duration of Confusion : 20 > 25 > 30 > 35 > 40 TO Duration of Confusion : 10 > 12 > 14 > 16 > 20 Karma implosion : to make it more usable. Cooldown : 16sec Energy Damage% : 278 > 329 > 386 > 461 > 543 Energy Damage% : 176% > 194% > 214% > 229% > 247% All enemies within 3M in a straight of the target on 32 target TO Cooldown : 18 > 16 > 14 > 12 > 10 sec Energy Damage% : 280 > 349 > 406 > 491 > 587 Energy Damage% : 196% > 234% > 267% > 309% > 377% All enemies within 12M of the target on 32 target AREA CIRCLE Plasma Majin : Harmonious Drumbeat : Plasma playing Only Energy, the DEX is useless for itself Increased Dexterity : 14 > 18 > 21 > 27 > 34 > 42 TO Increased Focus : 14 > 18 > 21 > 27 > 34 > 42 Burning Rage : Need to be like another buff. Duration : 2 minutes TO Duration : 20 minutes Black Hole Beat : BUG FIXED (problem has RP CAST) Cast : 2 > 2 > 3 > 3 > 4 sec Cooldown : 22 Sec Energy Damage : 328 > 383 > 556 > 659 > 930 Energy Damage% : 194% > 213% > 305% > 330% > 440% All enemies within 6M of the target on 32 Target TO Cast : 2 sec Cooldown : 20 Sec Energy Damage : 329 > 410 > 556 > 699 > 930 Energy Damage% : 195% > 213% > 250% > 330% > 480% All enemies within XXM of the target on 32 Target : 12 > 14 > 16 > 18 > 20 (RP Cast change) NAMEKIANS Warrior : Draconic force : Since the addition of the property, this buff has become a mess, the Namek does almost no damage. It takes 1 damage on most bosses. Dende would be bored playing with him. And I don't want to talk about PVP... We can use this buff to attract players to the physical DW. Increases attack and defense property : 29 > 40 > 55 > 82 (Woah) TO Increases LP Max Up : 254 > 346 > 493 > 928 Increases Strength : 8 > 10 > 12 > 16 Special Beam Cannon : this spell should be a must for a Namek! Affects specified Target & . 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7M in a Straight line on 40 Target TO Affects specified Target & 20M in a Straight line on 32 Target Dragon Clan : Kami’s Hope : Same for this LP Recovered every 2 seconds : 50 > 83 > 137 > 221 TO LP Recovered every 2 seconds : 70 > 123 > 157 > 245 Super Ignite : Cause Poko and Dende need to hunt DB like all classes. Energy Damage : 126 > 156 > 204 Energy Damage % : 124% > 142% > 166% All enemies within 6M in a Straight line on 32 target TO Energy Damage : 226 > 256 > 304 Energy Damage % : 224% > 272% > 366% All enemies within 12M of the target on 32 target (Circle Area) Dark Warrior : Cyclone : For this one, it does almost nothing, 3 x less damage than the energy seat, the area is small. Physical Damage % : 213% > 227% > 241% > 256% > 271% Hite rate Decreased : 10% Duration : 14 sec Cooldown : 12 sec All enemies within 12M on 32 Target TO Physical Damage % : 213% > 237% > 261% > 306% > 391% Add - Physical defense Decreased : 5% > 6% > 8% > 10% > 12% Duration : 6 > 6 > 7 > 7 > 8 Sec Cooldown : 18 > 17 > 16 > 15 > 14 sec All enemies within 20M on 32 Target Dragon’s Punishment : Life’s Steal OP. Recover LP% : 491 > 548 > 618 > 716 > 817 TO Recover LP% : 491 > 538 > 598 > 647 > 708 Dragon Strike : the dark warrior tank but does no real damage. Physical Damage % : 238% > 262% > 288% > 410% Cooldown : 14sec TO Physical Damage % : 240% > 289% > 365% > 460% (x1.5 from behind) Cooldown : 14 > 13 > 12 > 10 sec FOC Boost : Need to Focus for Namek. Increases max EP : 238 > 562 > 988 > TO Increases Strength : 15 > 25 > 42 Increases Focus : 10 > 15 > 25 Sharp Slice : not having much control, we add one for the dark warrior. Remove - Physical Damage : 232 > 274 > 322 > 384 Physical Damage % : 117% > 128% > 140% > 152% Cooldown : 8 sec TO Physical Damage % : 130% > 161% > 195% > 244% Add - Stun duration: 2 > 2 > 3 > 3 Cooldown : 12 sec Deep Strike : need more damage Physical Damage % : 125% > 137% > 150% > 162% TO Physical Damage % : 170% > 209% > 245% > 310% Shadow Knight : Intense Concentration : replace dodge by Focus. example (testing) : SM does 4k damage in Crit on him. impossible to kill Sk. Increases Dodge rate : 30 > 60 > 90 > 120 > 150 Increases Block critical hit : 5% > 10% > 15% > 20% > 25% TO Increases Focus : 5 > 8 > 12 > 16 > 25 Increases Block critical hit : 5% > 8% > 11% > 14% > 20% Dragon’s Oath : time is to long. Duration : 20 > 24 > 28 > 32 TO Duration : 8 > 12 > 16 > 20 Bold Strike : minor nerf. Damage % : 265 > 291 > 308 > 346 Bleed every 2 seconds: 140 > 155 > 175 > 200 TO Damage % : 255 > 271 > 293 > 325 Bleed every 2 seconds: 140 > 155 > 175 > 190 Poko Priest : Kami Awakening : this spell is not supposed to be there, the % is huge in addition to already having one. Speed attack % : 24% > 29% > 34% > 40% TO Speed attack % : 20% > 23% > 26% > 30% First Law of the Demon Stone : Cooldown : 6 Sec Energy Damage% : 94% > 104% > 113% > 122% > 132% TO Cooldown : 5 Sec Energy Damage% : 125% > 154% > 173% > 222% > 292% Second Law of the Demon Stone : Energy Damage% : 155% > 171% > 186% > 202% > 217% All enemies within 6M of the target on 32 Target TO Energy Damage% : 194% > 213% > 235% > 280% > 340% All enemies within 15M of the target on 32 Target Dende Priest : Kami’s Healing Technique : with this technique, an average healer heals an average of 15,000. He only needs one spell to heal his group completely. Too easy and boring. That's also why I put up the regeneration spells in exchange, otherwise they would be useless in the CC. increases the effect of recovery Skill : 200% > 400% > 800% TO increases the effect of recovery Skill : 200% > 350% > 600% Kami’s Aurora : a small increase will be required for this one if we nerf the Kami Healing Technique. EP Recovered every 2 seconds : 34 > 65 > 107 All members within 6M of the target on 8 Targets TO EP Recovered every 2 seconds : 40 > 78 > 131 All members within 8M of the target on 8 Targets Final Healing Waves : Another regeneration, but this time we will make it more interesting. Duration : 00:10 TO Duration : 00:15 Unleashed Spirit : Increases Max LP : 361 > 527 > 818 Increases Max EP : 283 > 414 > 637 TO Increases Max LP : 400 > 720 > 1080 Increases Max EP : 350 > 700 > 1100 AURA / TITLE NEW EFFECT : Green Title : Faithful Dragon : increases physical/energy defense by 3% increases the anti-crit by 5% Concentrated Dragon : Increases max LP by 300 increases the anti-crit by 8% Dragon Glory : Increases max LP by 300 increases physical/energy defense by 5% Dragon Blessing : Increases max LP by 500 increases the anti-crit by 10% increases physical/energy defense by 10% Blue Title : Storm Fighter : Increases Focus by 10 Increases movement speed by 2 Storm Speed : Increases RP Speed charge by 10 Increases movement speed by 3 Hurricane Katana : Increases Focus by 15 Increases RP Speed charge by 15 Shining Storm : Increases RP Speed charge by 20 Increases Focus by 25 Increases movement speed by 5 Red Title : Powerful Idealist Increases Physical Attack by 10 Increases physical damage by 3% Powerful Dreamer Increases physical critical Hit rate by 5 Increases physical damage by 5% Godly Flame Increases Physical Attack by 20 Increases physical critical Hit rate by 10 Godly Soul Increases Physical Attack by 30 Increases physical critical Hit rate by 15 Increases physical damage by 8% Warm Heart Increases Energy Attack by 10 Increases Energy damage by 3% Royal Soul Increases Energy critical Hit rate by 5 Increases Energy damage by 5% Shining Sun Increases Energy Attack by 20 Increases Energy critical Hit rate by 10 Immortal Soul Increases Energy Attack by 30 Increases Energy critical Hit rate by 15 Increases Energy damage by 8%
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    Finally db hunt is a bit more challenging.
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    Hi all, As of Friday 6th of August at around 6PM (EST+10) we suffered a catastrophic fatal hardware failure in our bare metal dedicated machine, in which the entire machine was rendered inoperable, and unfortunately the hard drive(s) that we had used for both the CDN and Database, had also completely died with no chance for data recovery. The backups that were ran and had completed were producing similarly malformed/corrupted backups, due to the I/O errors from the hard-drive degradation, and the only backups that are not completely affected are the ones just before the complete degradation. As someone in IT field, hindsight is 20/20, and I noticed all the signs of hardware failure as the descent was over roughly a year(the frequent disconnects, aberrant behavior such as server lag during backups and during random times, events failing to start and why the gigabit connection was not indeed gigabit despite being reported as such by all metrics, but was just ignorant of these signs, and for that I am vehemently sorry. Moving forward, I will actually inspect the viability of backup instead of just checking that they completed. This is a very heavy blow to both us as a community and us as team. We said we won't wipe, and we're committed to that promise even though we're at a junction where that might be the case for some of you. As our entire machine was nonfunctioning, we now have acquired another server machine, which is massively upgraded compared to the previous machine, we are no longer using hybrid drives, but actual solid state drives, so that's a massive improvement on it's own as this is a new machine, we have a new network address, which means we have to change quite a lot on our end, which will require a complete redownload of both the launcher and client, and all our old clients, will no longer function. What was lost? Database from 30/11/2020 to 06/08/2021 Our PATCH CDN Downloads (Allowing you to download patches) Our Network infrastructure (So you will be required to redownload) What are the plans going forward? Any and all URP purchases between the window indicated above will be redistributed, we have all transactions catalogued. As this occurred during our Goodbye 2020 promotion, everyone will be receiving that reward, the upper limit of one per account still in effect as it is deposited to the accounts cash shop inventory. All accounts effected by this will be able to post in the Disaster Recovery thread found at this link; Not everything can be returned unfortunately, and what can be returned has an upper limit. which will be explained and how we would you like you submit what you have lost in the thread. I plan to bring just the account server and character server online, for people to create their accounts and characters if they have been affected by the data loss, in which you can then properly send the recovery forms, why I'm doing is will be explained below. I'm still working on my patch, which was originally going to be just small group of bugfixes, but it will be a full content and gameplay update patch, which would have also required a redownload, this has regrettably been also delayed by this unfortunate setback, no data for the patch has been lost as we keep that elsewhere, just the recovery efforts are also being led by me, as well as the patch is being also led by me, as such we won't be bringing the server back online until the patch is ready, so you don't have to redownload multiple times, and or waste any in game time. TL;DR(Too Long Didn't Read): Our host's dedicated machine completely died last Friday. Lost all of this years data, due to corrupt backups. Will be offering account/character recovery. URP will be redistributed to those affected. A complete redownload will be required. Server won't be brought back online until the patch is done.
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    Hey any idea when we might be able to download and play again. Im not too worried about anything lost, would just like to be able to play it
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character name: Nio Race: Human Class: Fighter LVL: 75 with all dragon buffs and both HTB skills and ssj form Craft Level: 35 (Max) I have only this: https://gyazo.com/92eb01d8a7ce783fa33f0cba0c043409 BlastedGun aka Hisoka Morow (Discord name) member shared this to me. I had many things and I really can't remember all of them. So I will post the above. Please restore these. Zenni: 800 millions Attack Speed Weapons lvl 70 legendary bacterian stick 26% att speed (no upgrade) , lvl 70 legendary e bacterian gloves (260 att? I can't remember the value but it's att based) att speed 26% +17 upgraded lvl 70 legendary gloves ( legendary drop from mobs) (253 att based) att speed 25% +14 upgraded I had 4 pairs of gloves lvl70 legendary (drop gloves not from dungeons) 2 of them were (253? energy based) att speed 25% +14 upgraded and the rest 2 of them were (253 att based) att speed 24% +12 upgraded Physical Critical Weapons Lvl 70 Legendary Bacterian Slim Stick Phys Critical 33% (no upgrade) Lvl 70 Legendary Bacterian Slim Stick Phys Critical 29% (no upgrade) Lvl 70 Legendary e-bacterian gloves Phys Critical 33% (260 att? I can't remember the value but it's att based) +14 upgraded Lvl 70 Legendary bacterian gloves Energy Critical 33% ( it's the bacterian gloves that are white and red, energy based 260? ) +10 upgraded <--this glove i mean Gear (Top, pants, boots) Omega Gear Rare Top and Pants 20% lp regen +12 upgraded Omega gear Rare Top 25 dex + 15 upgraded Omega Gear Rare Top 26 con +14 upgraded Omega Gear Rare Pants 26 foc +12 Omega Gear Rare Pants 25 con + 15 Omega Gear Rare Boots 26 con +15 upgraded Omega Gear Rare Boots 26 dex +15 upgraded TMQ 7 Legendary M-Artificial Gear (top, pants, boots all con 22 or more I don't remember) this gear was energy defence based +10 upgraded I think Shenron Gear ( top, pants, boots) Accessories Kraken Earrings dex 30 Kraken Earrings dex 31 Kraken Earrings dex 25 Kraken Necklace paralize reduction 25%? Kraken Rings ( dexterity x4 , focus x 4, con x 4, strength x2, reflect damage x2) Cell-X Earrings 26 cooldown reductions x2 Cell-X Earrings 30 dexterity x2 Cell-X Earrings Properties 12 Cell-X Earrings Properties 10 Cell-X Necklace 26%? candy reduction Cell-X Rings 20con x2 Shenron Earrings x2 Energy 23? z32 x4 Dogis Vegeto Gogeta Gotunks KidGoku Robe Krillin Outfit Trunks Bojack Vest Trunks Bojack without Vest Saiyaman's Outfit Saiyaman's Undersuit ( the black undersuit without the green shirt ) Master Roshi's Outfits ( Blue and Yellow ) Chichi's Dogi ( Adult and kid ) White Tuxedo Master Roshi's SwimSuit Green swimsuit pants Turles Dogi Pirate Dogi Red + Blue version Pirate Hat Red + Blue version Broly Dogi all of the three of them ( Shirt, topless and the new one from event ) Ninja Outfit ( a purple ninja suit ) Kid Gohan's Dogi these dogis x3 Kid Gohan's Hat Kame Hat x3 7% attack speed with Dogi Ball Arale's Hatx2 Grey turtle shells x3 Master Roshi's Sunglasses all of them ( original, green and purple ) Red eye-patchx3 + Focus 5? Bunny ears x2 Golden Halo x3 these wings x3 can't remember the name Kid Clock x3 120 u70 purple stones 100 u70 white stones 100 u70 green stones 500 legendary honey from bee event 100 Seal Coins 100 brown boxes 50 silver boxes 400 silver devil coins 40 Rare dogi balls 4 sets of the 7 dragon balls This all I can remember and maybe I will re-edit this post. All this items were in my bank and my inventory. I spent more than 1 thousand hours in this account to bring all these items in the 2 years I play. Please restore as many items you can because I dropped my life for this server literally. Thank you for your time and please make dbour great again. Senkazu can vouch for me and for my alts. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    Included in the Download We now have an Installer! If you keep the installer, you can always repair your install using that. If you download a later version of the installer, you will not be able to install it without uninstalling the previous one. Installer now will unpack in the same location that the installer is run from. It will now also automatically delete unpacked files. Install compression has been relaxed so weaker CPU's don't struggle with the higher compression. Instead of installing the prerequisites before the installer, It will install them after the game is installed. There is also an Archive only version available as well if you want a portable install. NEW COSMETICS Various Commissions Nappa Dogi for all Races and Genders Goku Noir Dogi for all Races and Genders Fasha Dogi Prince Vegeta Dogi for all Races and Genders T Combat Gear Outfit for all Races and Genders Whis' Staff for Dragon Clan View all cosmetics here Cosmetic Gallery New Goku Event Boss Noir Rose Green New Vegeta Event Boss He's big, and Yellow. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience Dark Warrior's Demon Wave has now got percentage scaling energy damage instead of flat damage. Swapped Hair 3 for Human from Dirty Greenish Yellow to Bronzed Yellow to highlight RGB cosmetics in SSJ. Dropped the price of all Classic Dogi from 249 to 200 $2.49 decrease, would need to purchase originally $15, now only need to purchase $10 Dropped the price of all Classic Accessories from 149 to 100 $2.49 decrease, would need to purchase originally $10, now only need to purchase $5 Added 12 new dogi/accessories to the cash shop. Removed the Forum Calendar not a game thing, but it was confusing, and I'll be adding a *slightly* neater one to our official discord.
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    Properties were removed (They have been replaced with training points) Explanation: Properties were removed because they added stats to your character that were over-tuned. This means that without properties in the game all content can be cleared, however, we did not want to simply delete the system entirely and not have some sort of replacement. Hence Training Points, this way there isn't too much of a difficulty spike and there is also some difference between versions of the game. Universe Points are manually allocated currently. Missing Master Class Mastery can be re-learned with @addskill2 Some TMQ Effects don't show TMQ Completion doesn't apply Experience. Dragon Ball Event Update Changed Dragon Ball time to Monday Wednesday and Saturday Changed drop rates to (2%) Explanation: The reason for this is because dragon ball drops are way too lenient at the current point in time and considering the newly added rewards in recent updates. We believe it is best to not allow for such strong items to be obtained easily. Honey Event Update Changed Honey time to Tuesday Thursday and Sunday Changed Honey Drop rates Big Honey (30%)/ Medium Honey (50%)/ Small Honey (50%). Explanation: The reason for this is because honey drops are extremely easy to obtain at the current point in time and considering rewards that are redeemed for it, we believe it is best to not allow for such quantity of honey to be dropped frequently. EXP Rates Changed Quest EXP rates to 1.35% Changed Solo Mob EXP rates to 1.85% Changed Party Mob EXP rates to 1.35% Changed Weekend EXP rate 50% Explanation: Simply put, EXP rates were too strong and have made leveling up too easy. Hopefully this will allow for players to slow down progress and alongside the new upgrade system, can allow for the use of lower tier gears before getting to endgame. ZENI Rates Reduced Zeni Rates. [5-2] Explanation: Zeni was too easy to farm in high quantities once at end game and allowed for players to easily purchase whatever they wanted with a lack of effort. Upgrade System Upgrading without white stones will result in gear being destroying upon failing. Upgrading with white stones will put gear to +0 upon failing. Explanation: This was done in hopes that players will slow down progress and allow for a more strategic way of thinking when using and upgrading gear. Hopefully now, the use of multiple lower tier pieces of gear can be made before finally getting that perfect higher tier piece. This should allowed for a better structured Auction House.
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    I have fixed the issue. Please follow these steps to have the issue resolved. If you are stuck or bugged in a location that prevents the access of a character, use the USER CONTROL PANEL to fix the affected character, then log in to the ANOTHER CHARACTER on the SAME ACCOUNT to reload your characters cache using the @reload command.
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    Hi a question when does the pet system come into play?
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    i was able to login and play without issue yesterday but when i tried today i get this error https://gyazo.com/4c51faa96b569b9045784425a0648364
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    Please redownload https://dbour.xyz/download
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    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xEMdqbLhcKERCLOyeCtMTI_IQ473JDAq/view?usp=sharing You can replace your install with this. until we put up a new installer, that's all we can do.
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    Hi, Idomeneo here, i've just finished all the flight quests and unlocked the flight ability and i still can't fly at high speed, i've tried double w *even changed forward control to another keybind to test it out, still didn't work* nor does work the double mouse click *mouse dash interval is maxed out"*. Any other fixes ? not trying to promote other projects or smth, but i can fly on those ones so i dt think that the problem is my keyboard/mouse. Thankss !! Have a good day solved, u can /TC
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    you guys really outdone yourselves keep up the good work!!
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    Honestly couldn't ask for a better team. Amazing work as usuall, you guys deserve all the best!
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    Hi, you will need the new launcher, found here: https://dbour.xyz/DBOURLauncherUpdate.zip guide here:
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    After installing DBOURSetup4.0.exe and starting up the launcher, I entered my login credentials and pressed "LAUNCH". It freezes for about 5 second then pops up a message that reads, Our servers are not responding... Wait some minutes." Even after an hour goes by, the bar at the bottom stays stuck and empty but I can interact with the buttons. Is this happening to anyone else?
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    i have a problem, when i launch the game a mistake say me: can not write the log files. probably the luncher doesnt have sufficient privileges. What can i do?
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    tried downloading the new client and its telling me "our servers are not responding wait some minutes" and been waiting now for an hour and nothing
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    Hi all, We're going to offer account recovery for the next month, past this date, it will be by a case by case basis, Due to the recent event of hardware failure outlined in our post in announcements found at this link; What is recoverable? We'll require proof for almost all claims, but if you don't have anything, you'll still be eligible, you will just be more restricted. Any Zeni Amount up-to 200kk (200,000,000 Zeni) Levels Crafting Levels Shenron wishes Transformations Dragon Buffs Items (stat rolls are unfortunately not feasible) Weapons Armor Accessories (Case by Case basis for specific items) URP (will be handled without this form, unless you had paid for, and never received) Account playtime (visible on the user control panel) If there is something not listed here, and you would like to enquire if it's possible to recover, do ask, and we'll inform you whether it's possible to recover. The form follows as such: Character Name: Proof of ownership for claim(pictures, videos): What you would like to recover: ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////// 46 / 65 //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// I had 53kk zeni, I was level 50, I had all of the dragon buffs, I had super saiyan, I had level 50 armor, gloves, and sword, forget what they were called, I also had level 50 accessories, I just want them on my current character, I don't want to use my old character appearance, and name, my character's name is Miraiku he is a Human, swordsmaster. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Tag: Spooky Crazy#3318 Things I lost: This video has some of the things I lost such as skills, dragon buffs, dogis Super Saiyan, budokai title etc. That way the post isn't too long. It was filmed in January 1st of 2021 as a joke about how poor I was in terms of zeni. With the inventory and skills out of the way, it's time for gear. I unfortunately cannot provide the stats for my gear as I did not have screenshots of such, so I will try and describe it to my best of ability and it's your call to decide whenever to believe me or not. Top: 26 Constitution 11+ Upgraded Pants: 24 Dexterity 12+ Upgraded Shoes: 24 Dexterity also 12+ Upgraded. Gloves: 12+ 27% Physical Critical Damage Stick: 16+ 27% Physical Critical Damage. All I wish to recover are those items, what was in my moveset, and what I was wearing at the time. Thank you for your time, have a good day. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Shammgod Race: Namekian Level: I believe I was either level 67 or 68. Proof of Ownership: I don't recall taking any pics. I What I would like to recover: I really don't remember much of what I had besides a few dogis (Dabura, Future Trunks, and that Namekian one), but more than anything I just want my level, gear, and Zenni back which was a little over 1 million. Thanks! ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Name Character: Kirian Zennin: 100 Thousand Level: 57 + 2 dragon buffs( Constitution and Strength) + Buuf Transformation Race: Ultimate Majin Guild: New Hope breastplate +11 trousers +10 Gloves +9 Trumpet +9 ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character name: Koron Proof of ownership: https://i.imgur.com/qPoMVt7.jpg What I would like to recover: Level 50 Super Saiyan Flight skill (if possible) EoZ Goku dogi (Honestly I can't prove I had this, since buying it was one of the last things I did last time I played so I have no screenshot) ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: TheAj Race: Human Fighter Zeni Lost: about 14-20 million(dont remember my old amount) Proof:none sadly as i didnt know this happened until now old level:72 I dont remember much of what i lost, however i do remember spending a good amount of ur points for dogis and other misc items. I really dont care for the dogis as much since they arent a huge loss to me, however im missing a large amount of zeni and spent about $50-75(ish) dollars on ur points that are now also lost to me. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character name: Vgkisuke race: Crane hermit lvl: 75 Zeni: 280 million have all htb skills+all dragon buffs+super saiyan weapons Gloves legendary lvl 70(energy based) att speed 26% + 13 upgraded gloves legendary lvl 70: 33 focus +14 Fan legendary lv70 257 hit rate +13 Fan attack speed 26% +13 armor Omega Rare Top 21%lp regen +14 ugraded Omega Rare Pants 27 cons + 16 upgraded Omega Rare Boots con 25+ 16upgraded Cell-X earrings 26 cd reduction x2 Cell-X rings 20 con x2 Cell -X badge confusion reduction 20% Kraken Rings Focus 17 x2 Kraken necklace dodge rate 127 z32 x2 1 z24 - Other Character Character name: Ashe race: Human- Sword lvl: 75 Zeni: 5m have all htb skills+dragon buffs dex- focus and constitucion +super saiyan weapons Gloves bacterian lvl 70(phy base) 31% crit phy + 17 upgraded Sword bacterian 33% crit phy+17 gloves legendary lvl 70 (phy base) 26% speed +16 Sword legendary lvl 70 26% speed armor Omega Rare Top 27 dex +17 ugraded Omega Rare Pants 27 cons + 17 upgraded Omega Rare Boots dex 27+ 17upgraded Cell-X earrings 33 dex x2 Cell-X rings 20 con x2 Kraken Rings Focus 17 x2 and dex x1 Kraken necklace 222 succes rate Dogi Broly ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// IGN: ZSwordProPlus Race: Human-SM Lv: 75 Zeni: 120kk Crafting Lv: Max Title: Universe Luckiest S-Wish: All D-Buffs, HTB's and SSJ Stuff: Dogi-Broly Undershirt, Devil Mask-from Halloween Event, Angel Wing (Black), Green Halo, 4th Turtle NPC Quest item-Turtle, 4 z24. Accessories: All Kraken items-Necklace resistance rate by 124, 2nd stat idr | Prop Earring attck. and def. by 11 , CD 26 | Dex ring set. Gear: All crafted Rare Armor-Top Dex 27 +16, Pants Strength 27+15, Boots Dex 27+16 | Legendary Weapons P-Base Spd. Gloves 25%+15, Spd. Sword Blade Root 26%+16 https://imgur.com/a/Yh8BUjL IGN: Uyl Race: MM-Ulti Lv: 75 S-Wish: HTB's and PM Gear: All Shenron Armor/Weapon set, E-Base armor set, P-Base glove and Trumpet-Default stats. https://imgur.com/ZefGpp2 IGN: Pyl Race: WM-Plasma Lv: 75 S-Wish: All D-Buffs, HTB's and PM Gear: All Shenron Armor (+11-12's), P-Base set. | Legendary Weapons E-Base Energy Critical Hit Rate 13 Gloves +15, Energy Critical Damage 33% Drum +15 (No Pic) ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Voltair Race: Human Class: Fighter SSj4 Gogeta Set I atleast remember i was around level 32 with full flight I honestly don't even remember half the stuff i lost since i was gone for a month ;-; https://gyazo.com/dc495d36bb878726ef1e7f5af4a31077 a better picture of me with the Gogeta set and as an adult https://gyazo.com/2e7778d8492dcb064697ffb2e0fca76f https://gyazo.com/4d24dca007793013de216c4de184be2d https://gyazo.com/7284425771b3a0b0e48585f71f3689f4 ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Crono Level 75 Swordsman https://imgur.com/a/T9NufTG 180kk zeni Super Saiyan, all dragon buffs, htb 2x Cell-x strength rings, 2x Cell-x rings with 20 con (idr the name) 2x Octopus gamma attack ring, 2x octopus epsilon ring, 5x Cell-X badges (idr the stats) 2x cell-x Earrings with dex, 1 cell-X earring with strength 78 u70 Green Stones, 70 u70 Purple Stones, 69 u70 white stones, probably around 400 u70 red and blue stones 30 silver boxes, 40 brown boxes 15 rare dogi balls crafting level 33 full omega combat gear +14 3 stacks of event coins 101 huge honey around 15000 token points depression aura friend of trunks title, universes luckiest title, time chaser title i believe i was given ur points for participating in the T.o.P event i bought 2 future gohan dogis and 2 gt goku dogis from xaros the day the server crashed and most of the dogis i had are in the imgur link guild: Shinra, Guld logo, Guild bank2 last time i checked playtime was 5169 hrs and 23 mins Character Marle level 70 turtle 70kk zeni super saiyan , all dragon buffs,htb Friend of trunks title, universes luckiest title, child of nature title broly dogi, cc saiyan tail, vegito dogi, timebreaker bardock dogi, turles dogi 10 u70 green stones 10 u70 purple stones 10 u70 white stones 1 stack of event coins 50 huge honey around 8000 token points play time 4890 hr 03 min ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    Then...I've been told that Flexarot like to using supplements and steroids to have muscle body then trying to give you the idea that this is the right way to get better quality of health and body growth.
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    Character name: RyuNoKami Race: Human Class: Turtle Hermit LVL: 75 with all dragon buffs and both HTB skills and Super Saiyan Form Craft Level: 35 (Max) Zenni: 250 millions Attack Speed Weapons lvl 70 legendary bacterian wand 26% Att Speed +15 Upgraded , lvl 70 legendary bacterian gloves (energy based) att speed 26% (260 att? I can't remember the value but it's energy att based) +17 upgraded Energy Critical Weapons Lvl 70 Legendary Bacterian Wand 33% Energy Critical +15 upgaded Lvl 70 Legendary bacterian gloves (energy based) 33% Energy Critical (260 att? I can't remember the value but it's energy att based) +17 upgraded Gear (Top, pants, boots) Omega Gear Rare Top 20% lp regen +16 upgraded Omega gear Rare Top 27 foc + 16 upgraded Omega Gear Rare Top 27 con +16 upgraded Omega Gear Rare Pants 20% lp regen +16 upgraded Omega Gear Rare Pants 27 foc +16 Omega Gear Rare Pants 27 con + 16 Omega Gear Rare Boots 27 con +16 upgraded Accessories Kraken Earrings Focus 29 x2 Kraken Rings Focus 17 x2 Cell-X Earrings 26 cooldown reductions x2 Cell-X Earrings Properties 11 x2 Cell-X Rings 20 Con x2 Bags z32 x4 Dogis Vegeto , Gogeta(con 12) , Gotunks City Trunks(con 12) , Future Trunks(con 12) Goku's Kaio(con 12) , Goku's Kame, Goku Black Angel Wings (gold c) , Golden Halo x2 Master Roshi's Sunglasses [green(cd 10) and purple(foc 12)] hair(its a green with yellow icon like cell. {its purple like wings})(with atk spd 10%) 150 u70 purple stones , 80 u70 white stones 150 u70 green stones , 300 legendary honey 120 Seal Coins , 30 brown boxes 50 silver boxes , 350 silver devil coins 35 Rare dogi balls , 2 sets of 7 dragon balls Nio can vouch for me .
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character name: Allbion proof of ownership:https://imgur.com/gallery/TPgccvJ (sadly i don't have proof of everything i had, but some people can validate and confirm some of my stuff, i'll specify them in the end) Race: Human Level: 62 + SSJ + Dragon king's CON + Dragon king's Dex + Dragon king's Str Zeni: roughly 7.5-8.5kk (Most of it was given to me by EraserX) What i'd like to recover: WMAT Solo champion title (gained it by winning in the custom world championship Gabar did), 1x Great Saiyaman outifit (+10%con) and helmet (Was given to me as a gift), 1x GT goku's outfit (Traded with yatori), 1x Saiyan Tail (Dogi caps), 1x Alohan outfit (in the pic it's modded as the badman shirt), 1x future trunks shirt (Sleeveless, Trade with Ryujin), 1x Future gohan dogi (Dogi caps), 1x Sab goku, Sab Vegeta dogi, Broly dogi(Event), 1x Gogeta rgb dogi (Dogi caps), 1x Xeno goku dogi (Given to me by nemix), 1x Halo (Dogi caps), 1x Goku's casual Jacket (Cash shop), 1X sunglasses (Token shop), 1x goku's Gi (Token shop), general red and blue ninja outfit from the tenkaichi winner shop, Zamasu dogi (Token shop), 2x 20 slots golden inventory things (One from an event, the other i can't remember where i got it from. probably another event), 17x Senzu beans( Events and budokai), 2x Dogi balls (Event) Bought bank 1 and bank 2, also guild bank. my gear (That i can remember): snail scouter with item scan and dragon radar (Bought for me by EraserX) Full panther stick +9 (Yatori gave it to me as a gift) Level 60 crafted gear, all of them where +9 (Yatori gave me those as well) Barkattz, Kirian, Yatori, EraserX, Kumapunch and Ryujin can confirm these for me. i also owned a guild, "NewHope" we had unlocked the guild bank and banner. Ps: altough i have no proof of my level, the fact i had pics with Ssj unlocked and the number of Rp balls i had should at least count for something Thanks for providing this for us and hope everything goes nice for you guys!! ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character name: Senkazu (Sword), PokoTrump, MoonByul (Turtle) Race: 2 Humans 1 Namian Chars Lvl : 75 all wishes (htb & db buffs) Craft Level: 35 ( only the swordman ) ____________________________ Swordman gear Zeni : 500kk Z32 x4 Speed build gear 70lv sword attack speed 25% + ( Rare ) 70lv bacterian glove attack speed 26% +17 1220 Critical Gear Bacterian sword +17 33% p.crit Bacterian glove +17 29% p.crit 1220 Extra Weapons Bacterian glove +17 32 Foc Armor Omega Gear Rare Top 25 Dex +15 Omega Gear Rare Pants 25 Con +17 Omega Gear Rare Boots 26 Dex +17 M-Artificial Gear Top +17 Full Con M-Artificial Gear Pants Full +17 Con M-Artificial Gear Boots Full +14 Con ( i dont really remember the top value of the 60lv gear, i spammed it with silver boxes ) Accessories Cell-X Earrings 26 cooldown reduction x2 Cell-X Earrings 30 dexterity x2 Cell-X Earrings Properties 12 x2 Cell-X rings 20 con x2 Cell-X Necklace 26% candy reduction Title : Godly Soul -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Turtle Zeni : 800kk Z32 x4 Speed build gear 70 lv wand attack speed 25% ( Rare ) Bacterian Gloves 25 % attack speed 1220 +16 Critical Gear Bacterian wand +17 33% e. crit Bacterian glove +17 33% e. crit 1220 Armor Omega Gear Top Rare 20% lp +17 Omega Gear PantsRare 20% lp +17 Omega Gear Boots Rare 26 con +17 Accessories Cell-X Earrings 26 cooldown reduction x2 Cell-X rings 20 con x2 160 x U70 White Stones 60 x U70 Green Stones 120 x U70 Purple Stones ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Poko Zeni : 300kk Z32 x4 ( Here's the mess..... and the hard work) Weapons CC staff +15 25% speed Bacterian Gems 25% speed Omega Gear Top Rare 20% lp +17 Omega Gear PantsRare 21% lp +15 Omega Gear Boots Rare 28 con +16 Accessories Cell-X Earrings 26 cooldown reduction x2 Cell-X rings 20 con x2 60 Silver boxes 150-200 silver token 20 Rare dogi balls 3x 71 floor tickets Title : Immortal Soul --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dogis Gogeta Bardock Kefla Arale's Hat x3 ( 7% speed for the sword 8% speed for poko 6% speed for turtle ) Shuriken Hail wings x2 Vegito Golden Halo x3 Murasaki General Blue Rabbit Mobster dogi All of these can be vouched by Nio & EscanorSK CURRENT GEAR (dbour 4.0 ) ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    Character: Fhen Lvl 75 inscription on website 22 mai 2020 Zeni: 12000000 Coins: 320 Title: Depression Corruption Wish: SSJ all dragon buffs Weapons: gloves legendary lvl 70: atk speed 25% +13 gloves legendary lvl 70: Crit Energie Damage 29% +12 fan legendary lvl 60: atk speed 26% +12 fan legendary lvl 70: Crit Energie Damage 32% +11 ( i dont remember the true name of the weapon ) Armor: omega gear top legendary lvl 70: constitution 21 +12 omega gear pants legendary lvl 70: EP% Absorption = 22% +14 omega gear pants legendary lvl 70: LP% Absorption = 20% +11 omega gear boots legendary lvl 70: constitution 20 +12 Accessories: Cell x earring cooldown 22 x1 Cell x earring cooldown 24 x1 Inventory: 32 x4 stone u70 withe 12 stone u70 purple 35 stone u70 green 32 i dont really remember for other items , too bad xD Warehouse: 7 Dragon Balls Dogis: outfit vegeto x1 ( constitution 9 ) outfir broly (shirt) x1 hair gogeta ssj4 (RGB) x1 ( atk Speed 5 ) gogeta ssj4 (RGB) x1 goku gt end dbz x2 Black wing x3 sayan tail x3 ( one with energie critical damage 6 ) gogeta ssj4 tail x1 Sun Glasses (free) Outfit Goku ( Turtle school )(free) Zamasu (free) teen gohan (free) Golden Halo Sky glasses ( i dont remember the name : its only on cash shop ) SoraHeartless and Nalac vouches for my sincerity
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Un, Xen Proof of ownership for claim(pictures, videos): https://imgur.com/a/7ClOgZV Would like to recover: 1. Level for Un (shadow knight), I left it at level 57. For Xen - i just started leveling up so it does not matter, but I left it at less than lvl 10. 2. Dogis: from the gift box received black suit with yellow for Un (Do not remember how it is called) and gohan dogi for Xen. Also bought End of Z dogi from AH and got black popo-type hat and black suit with blue using token points and buying the gambling dogi capsules for 360 tokens. 3. CON and FOC dragon buffs for Un. Also left it with 1 dragon ball but it is not so important 4. I bought URP for 10$ last week - but did not receive it (yet) before the catastrophy. 5. And not so important stuff: had less than 2kk Zeni; gear was rare/legendary from random mob drops (stats not so good) but plus 8 to 11; 20-25 silver coins from Majin; had no crafting levels, transformations and any special gear/items. Had some random rare/legendary drops and prepared items for swordsman, karma majin with extra upgrades, but can't remember at what ++ I left the gear. It was level 34-42 though ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Hello, my character is Sora_Heartless level 75 these are pictures about all things that i've farmed. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Cs2VHWtBzmpKtqM66 https://photos.app.goo.gl/EpepxBQZKGgUJKoJ9 what i would like to get back all my dogis that i've farmed my eng crit damage wand 33% lvl 70 legendary earing cooldown 20 and my 182kk zenis the player Nalac can be a proof i'm playing with him everytime he saw them my equipements box too and the silvers ones they are the screen there's a video of my gear : thank you for helping ^^ 30/07/2021 (if the links doesn't work mp me on discord ) ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED ////////////////////////////////////// Character Name: Avoim Proof of ownership for claim(pictures, videos): Part 1 - https://youtu.be/qbGqidmj0jE Part 2 - https://youtu.be/caW3sILi_Mk What you would like to recover: Roughly 5 Million Zeni (about 4.8-4.9 million) [Given by Sorot] GT Goku Gi [Given by Sorot] Aloha Outfit [Given by Sorot] Swimming Trunks [Quest/Level Reward] Wings of Divinity [Given by SanGawku] I was roughly level 15-ish at the time I had last played Quest progress up to that point including the two one and two star "quest" dragon balls. Entire Character Also Deleted In This Incident. ////////////////////////////////////// RESTORED //////////////////////////////////////
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    not sure if this is actually a bug or if you are just unlucky. I played on the Taiwan servers years ago until they shutdown and even played on the DBOG private server and I never got that lucky. sometimes it took 3 or 4 hunts just to get 1 dragon ball to drop and other times 1 would just drop when I was just questing and not focusing on the hunt. that last dragon ball is probably just being stubborn. also fight some stronger mobs if you are lvl 34 it won't drop from a lvl 28 cause the enemy would be 6 levels lower then you. to get dragon ball drops the enemies have to only be within 5 levels lower or higher then you.
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    Hello, I just tried to download the game but it came without the client.exe FILE, how can i fix this ?